NLC Condemns NIS Recruitment Process, Tackles Minister Over Comments

nlc_president_omarThe Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) on Monday condemned the recruitment protocols adopted by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) on Saturday in which many people died in parts of the country.

This is contained in a statement signed by NLC President, Mr Abdulwahed Omar, in Abuja on Monday.

He said that the congress was saddened and shocked to learn of the avoidable death of unemployed youths during the exercise.

“It is grossly unfair for the Immigration service to have invited thousands of our youths to physically present themselves to compete to fill a miserly four thousand vacancies.

“Nothing but crass opportunism can explain this heartless scam.

“A more rational and discerning recruitment process could easily have reduced the numbers by insisting on raising minimum standards.

“The explanation by the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, that 520,000 applicants were invited for 4,556 spaces and that the applicants died in a stampede due to impatient and non-adherence to laid down orderly procedure, is rather weak and untenable”.

Omar noted that to have invited so much applicants for such few spaces, in all sense of administration, was unacceptable.

He called on the Federal Government to to investigate the NIS, query the methods it adopted and the discretion it exercised in conducting the programme.

“It is also important to remind government of the danger that unemployment, particularly unemployment of qualified youths, represents.

“We therefore call on government to tackle unemployment with increased commitment, and appropriately sanction those who have had a hand in causing these scandalous deaths”.



  1. Na today, we have really lost interest on those we had firmly trusted with our national front bearers,ie the representatives. They all know what is going on that, they have only but 100spaces in to give out but they will sell 1,000,000forms. May God remember our youths and show them mercy because of their aging parents and future too