North Korea Mandates Leader’s Haircut For All Men

Kim Jon-un
Kim Jon-un

It appears that North Korean leader Kim Jon-un is so worried about a bad hair day that he has ordered all men in the country to get their hair cut in his style.

Hair styles were already limited in North Korea, with women having 18 possible styles, and men just 10, but now all men will have the same hairstyle in the latest push for uniformity. The guidelines were first introduced in the capital Pyongyang, and have now been ruled out nationwide.

According to the Korea Times, the haircut currently sported by Kim Jong-un used to be known as the “Chinese smuggler haircut”, but the name is now likely to change to something snappy like the “supreme haircut”.

North Korean media has not insinuated what the punishment may be for disobeying the new haircut regulations, labour camps are a popular punishment in the country.


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