NSCIA Speaks To Jonathan Over Perceived Marginalization Of Muslims At Confab


Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Wednesday spoke to President Goodluck Jonathan over perceived marginalisation of Muslims in the composition of the on-going National Conference.

The council was led by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Mohammed to the meeting with Jonathan at the Presidential Villa.

At the end of the meeting the Sultan failed to talk to State House correspondents on what went down while deliberating with the president, but the Secretary General of NSCIA, Ishaq Oloyede said they were at the Villa to discuss with the president on marginalisation of Muslim at the National Conference.

Islamic organization, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), had earlier through its Secretary-General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar, stated that “Christians, who by all acceptable records, are not more than 40 per cent of the country’s population, ironically, constitutes 62 per cent of the total delegates at the National Conference.”

This may be the same issue the NSCIA discussed with Jonathan at the closed door meeting which held on Wednesday.


  1. Are those guys serious.
    Muslim more than christain.
    That’s why Boko Haram will never stop evil work in this country.
    There thinking in line to Boko Haram agenda

  2. You fools (nscia & jni), do you think you will fool Mr. president with your Boko Haram stupid ideas? Listen if you think so, what about the going elimination of your members & colegue Boko Haram at Sambisa, don’t you think as if that will drop your number to 15 – 0%? Even not with that Christians are more than you think. Because your people always died of unknown deceases while Christians are not, if not because of your evil doing Borno, Yobe & part of Adamawa. Our prayer is that, one day you will ALL become the CHILDREN of the Most High (i.e. JESUS the Son of GOD). Pls Repent, He loves you All.

  3. Why would the North always think of islam & their region. If any region in nija is maginalised, it’s the ibos, south south. It is the northern elders & governors dat are maginalising their people. Educate ur people. Fish out bh sponsors to stop insecurity in dnorth


  5. sometimes i wonder if this people called hausa/fulani had an elder that reasons like a man because their children and elders togather with their wives are the samething in sences! if not how can they not do the simple maths by them self and agree that christians is more puplated than muslem in nigeria or is it because they selfcentered people who always call black blue and never accepth truth or foult,though i have said it before that we did not match to make one country the north have noting to offer us apart form destruction and looting of our public fund like boko haram which they collectively created to minise the number of christians in nig.and then impose the bloody religion on the remaining ones but to GOD be the glory for he had fufilled his promise of turning the table against the enemy,but very soon we shall be free from this animal kindom called nigeria enough of this insult GOD bless biafrans and the republic shame and curse to the blood thirsty people and their religion of evil.

  6. Do we have region called islam in this country? If there is, where is it located? Among the yorubas, igbos or the hausas? Are they saying that a hausa christian can not defend the interest of the hausas? Or an igbo muslim cannot defend the interest of the igbos? Are we truely worshiping God through the religion or worshiping the religion? The evil we commit using religion does not have anything tn do with God!

  7. I keep wondering when a Nigerian Christian will see a Nigerian Muslim as his fellow Nigerian. You keep associating Islam with terrorism and violence. Islam prone against violence, there are morethan thousand verses in the Holy Qur’an that prone against violence. The action of a single Muslim or group of people claiming to be Muslims should not be considered as Islam.


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