[OPINION]: Why Reno Omokri Must Be Sacked

By Kikiowo Ileowo

When I first penned the piece, Boko Haram Sponsor Discovered In  The Presidency, I never thought anyone will believe what appears to be a wild allegation, but recent events has confirmed I might actually be saying the truth.

The opposition All Progressive Congress on Monday, called for Reno’s arrest for links with Boko Haram.  The party sighted “curious coincidence”, where there have been “increased tempo” in the sect’s activities and “certain low moments” in President Jonathan’s administration.

“The party said Omokri’s dangerous game should be seen within the context of some curious coincidence between several past Boko Haram attacks and certain low moments and/or at critical junctures in the administration of President Jonathan, giving the impression of an unseen hand playing the puppeteer.”

I was outraged when investigations first revealed that Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, had concocted a fiction of his imagination to link the sacked Central Bank Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, with the dreaded Boko Haram sect, but past events has shown that we might have more problem than a lying presidential aide who poses as a pastor on Sundays.

On the 20th of October 2011, Reno Omokri tweeted about the Boko Haram problem in the north saying that: “If they need emergency action, then let them produce wealth. The North particularly the core North are parasites.”

The tweet has since been deleted as he claims his account was hacked. This presidential aide in question is known to operate multiple accounts on several social media platforms to present his opinion and also attack government opposition members. Wendell Simlim, might actually be a tip of the iceberg.

What we have seen is a serial sociopath, who would inevitably wreck President Jonathan’s government. Mr. Reno hatred for northerners is well established. Mr. Reno description of my northern brothers and sisters as parasite is not only disqusting, its sicknening. No wonder he pounced on Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, soon as he had the chance.

The special assistant to the President on New Media knows with no doubt, the Jonathan administration is the worst government Nigeria has ever had. The President himself confirmed this recently by rewarding the person who held the previous title Dictator Gen. Sani Abacha (a name we ought to wipe off Nigeria’s history) with an award for ‘a good job well done’.

To confirm the failures of President Jonathan’s government, in 2012, one year after President Jonathan was elected into office, the British government accused his administration of having mismanaged $100billion of our oil earning. See here. Mr. Omokri went right into action, defending the outrageous mismanagement.

This character, who John Elnathan has rightly described as having multiple personality disorders is a minus to the Jonathan’s government and to Nigeria as a whole.

Hear Elnathan on Reno shortly after the news broke of him writing under pseudonym to implicate Mallam Sanusi on terrorism:

“…I want to state that Multiple Personality Disorder is real. I have been researching it since Reno Omokri was born again as Wendell Simlin. Although Multiple Personality Disorder is an extremely rare mental disorder, it is serious and is connected to a history of severe physical and/or sexual abuse and trauma. What Wendell needs is sympathy.

He may have suffered trauma and abuse as a child. We do not know how long he has had to live with these two personalities. All we know is that this Presidential aide has a dominant Reno personality, occasionally disrupted by the meddlesome and interloping Wendell. He needs our love. He needs help. Not condemnation.”

It is out of this love for Reno that I call on Pres. Jonathan to relief Reno of his duties.

I had previously called for him to be sacked and investigated for allegedly sponsoring Boko Haram activities, but it is apparent that even if the investigating authorities find incrimination evidence against him, will that stand as enough evidence in the court of law to convict him of crime against humanity? As we all know, temporary insanity or this multiple personality disorder – an extremely rare mental disorder – which Elnathan talked about is a defense in the court of law.

I am no fan of President Goodluck Jonathan, in fact, I do not want him reelected in 2015; but we must not forget the fact that if anything reasonable comes out of his last one year in office, it will be to the benefit of us all. He must therefore learn to keep people with history of hate and “multiple personality disorder” from himself.

Keeping Reno Omokri in office is a distraction for President Jonathan’s government. He doesn’t need a lose canon to be his mouth piece on social media. Mr. President needs someone with the right candour and persona to man that office as Special Adviser on Social Media. Something must be done and it must be done now or else, the international community whose attention Mr. President craves so much, will always stick by the opinion and feelers they get on social media which I can confidently say doesn’t favour Mr. Jonathan.

Lastly, while the #WendellGate storm was raging, Reno had the gut to pen a story about those ranting on social media, saying they are the privileged few, most of whom reside outside the country. Sorry to bust your bubble Mr. Wendell. Social Media users on Facebook and Twitter, represent a fair proportion of the Nigerian population. We have the rich and the poor, we have the old and young, we have Christians, Muslims, and Traditional worshipers and several other classifications you can think of. Most are struggling Nigerian’s, who represent part of the 112 million Nigerians who live on less than $1 a day.

For Mr. President to have any real chances in 2015, he must relief Reno Omokri of his duties or else, the odds will be against him.

Kikiowo Ileowo is the Editor of The Paradigm, he tweets via @ileowo4ever and can be reached via [email protected].


  1. Kikiowo Ileowo…wait for your time and see how enormous governing Nigeria can be.
    Why all lay d wrong and faulty foundations in Nigeria on Goodluck Jonathan. Whereas, the Bible says what will the Righteous do if a foundation is faulty?
    If Goodluck happened to be the President of malaysia, people like you would have been asking for his head.
    Goodluck Jonathan is the best truely elected Nigerian president we ever had. He deserves another shot in 2015.