PHOTO: ‘Jesus’ Appears In Ghana

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A photo of a man looking like Jesus has gone viral.

He was spotted in Dansoman, Accra Ghana doing house to house with many people gathering to have a glance of him and take pictures with the Jesus look alike who appeared on their streets.

Although its not certain what the man was doing in Ghana, there are claims he was shooting a movie.

See photo below


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  1. Lack of knwledge is a great disease indeed!
    Who knws how Jesus look like or is it bcos of d pic romans catholic use to display just to potray a representation of Jesus, nw bcom d true pic of Jesus? Mmm if Jesus will come today, everybody will knw, he will appear to all. Don’t be deceived!

  2. That man were talk said he be JESUS go go punish am cuz d 2nd coming of JESUS all eyes will see it nt only @ one country

  3. When some 1 has already lost a Gold when ever he/she c brass colour on a startle he will rush it. According to qurian when jesuse come d sky must come down n jesuse must come with final war

  4. By saying all dis is like u pple are mocking Jesus, wich is nt soppose to be, Nobody know how Jesus look like. So watch ur mouth.God bless u all

  5. Some people doesn’t even know how to make statement on media. Without the Roman Catholic who would have told you the story of Jesus? Please go and do your finding very well there were artist that can draw his picture. You don’t read Bible like a novel. It needs to be studied not just the words but the tradition in which the bible was written, you better sit well and stop deceiving yourself!

  6. any sane person would know that this picture has a bit of a story more behind it. the picture clearly shows a white guy on spex standing at d background. probably the friend or associate of the so called Jesus. probably decide to play a prank on the locals before the next movie shoot. I mean what a prank without a friend to tell your story…#just saying.

  7. No version of the Bible gives vivid graphic description of Jesus,rather the pictures shown are used to portray His good deeds.

  8. It is only those on earth when Jesus was still on earth that can tell how Jesus was, and dat was Jesus in body, but no one know how Jesus look like in spirit. Moreover, d picture there is like d man who acts as Jesus in all film of d story of Jesus and his name was indicated as Robert. So therefore, dis is not Jesus. And if Jesus want to show himself to someone 4 d person to repent, it will b in a dream, and Jesus said dat his next coming will be like a thief in d nit. Remember, Jesus said, “when d world is coming 2 an end, many things will happen. I’ve also read d story of a man in spain, who called himself jesus and he have dicsiples, all dis are d end time occurence.

  9. At Fr Ben are u here to make correction or to drop a comment? If at all u want to correct anybody not in an open Air u can correct d person by going thru d text msg space not d comment space ok.

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  11. @Olayinka Kehinde, but if dat robert is still alive, he cant still be as young as this cos its been ages ever since that movie was acted

  12. It is very apparent that jux like the first time, when jesus actually come again, so many would crucify him, even worst than the jews did! Nt even they bible written by men, inspired by God can tell Jesus when or how he should come again. All we need do is jux stand ready!

  13. The biblical description of the second coming of Christ is not to come to the countries of the world one after the other but to the whole world and even as fast as lightning shine across the sky, so He is not coming to stay with any body before cary out the pupose of His second coming.though many shall come as seen in Ganna, but at a time like that remember that Christ said”many shall come in my name saying I am christ and shall deceive many(matthew 24:5) though Jesus said He dont know the day which He shall come but He told us the sign of the time when geting near, so beware the end time is at hand, take heed that you shall not be deceive by the world.thanks.

  14. Africans we should not always fine reasons to dragged and argued among ourselves in other to make unnecessary pionts. Jesus will come again, and when the time comes, we shall all see him in his glory.

  15. please my dear people stop that and do what is right ,because on body knows what Jesus looks like and that is not the description of his second coming.

  16. wetin na nigerians una dey fall my hand like say una sabi bible well e 4 beta 4 us pass like this.dem say look alike.haba even if no artist 4 bible sebi veronica clean jesus face during d passion wen e carry cross.d bible tells us dat jesus face remained like a pic on d white cloth. abi na lie? Catholics remember ur station of the cross.wetin una dey drag besides d story say may b na film d guy come shoot.d guy no talk say e b jesus say e don come.d bible wen una dey quote no b person write am .na wetin make am b book of john. song of david na etc

  17. Many power of the holy spirit guide and help to know the true JESUS when comes and never to be deceive by a fellow Human amen

  18. Let everyone be prepared because he is coming,. Bible said that a man was expecting Jesus, he went and prepared dishes and a mad man came in he send him away not knowning that he is Jesus. So prepare ur self, stop panicking.

  19. Jesus,christianity and Islam are inventions of Rome. Now I know some people will want to tear me apart but pls before you do that, do your researches very well on how Christianity was founded and who put the book called the bible together. Fact is without The Holy Roman Catholic Church, there would be no Jesus, no Christianity and no Islam. Let’s all just love and respect each other. One love people.

  20. i cnt beilieve cux u dat u said is lyk jesus did u c jesus b4 we cnt say dat cux we dnt see jesus b4 is only wrng picture on calender .did u knw wherter na him d camera man dey snap and dey are calin him jesus 4 us

  21. In d begining was d word,and d word was with GOD and GOD was d word.God send his words 2 d world,jesus was d word he dwelled among us 2 gv us beta understanding Of himself and God but yet we lack knowledge.bethren,u,ur inner spirit& ur words reprent u.where eva u are,ur spirit,ur words is dere and in ur absence ur words reprent u so,why are we looking 4 wat is not missing?Jesus Is Wit Us By His Words and his second apearence as flesh as our fathers had seen every eyes we see.wait on d lord God bless u all.

  22. Jesus Christ is the Saviour from sin (John 1: 29; 4: 39- 42).
    Sin is the only barrier between God (The Creator of the universe) and man (1 John 3: 8; Isaiah 59: 1- 15).
    Everyone needs to be free from sin to have a relationship with God and get to Heaven to live with God eternally after this life (Revelation 22: 12- 16; John 14: 1- 3).
    Be born again, free from sin; live sin-free to escape hell fire (eternal punishment) by God (Revelation 20: 11- 15; 21: 8; 22: 15; Psalm 9: 17).

  23. What is all the noise and excitement about? Is it now Ghana is having a Jesus? We had one about sixty years ago, called Jesus of Oyingbo. He started off a poor man and ended a very rich man with multiple wives, children, several properties including estates!

  24. Who took Jesus Christ picture while he was alive, which now gave rise to speculations as to who look like him or not
    Acting began so many years after the departure of Christ.
    So, for the far that, acting began in the Church just to capture attention of the people for message delivery purpose, now translate to the man who acted in the various films “JESUS CHRIST “, as written according to gospel of each Apostle to be so identified as Jesus Christ
    Africa and our dark horizon mentality

  25. Know body know the real face of Jesus, because it as been a long time he left the earth. The man that played the role of Jesus in the moving was even complaining in one of the social media, that people should stop using is face, that he is not Jesus, he is just privileged to act as Jesus. So when Jesus is come the whole world will be aware. Don’t be deceived

  26. This is a clear example of daftness, mumuciousness and stupidity of WE Africans…those WHITE IDIOTS went ti Ghana to prove us as stupid by presenting a human version of the photos we have been seeing n some idiots are deliberating over it…I pity us…
    We are the true foolish monkeys those movie makers tag us to be
    #oponu #apoda


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