Pope Francis To Go On Facebook


The Vatican is about to unveil a Facebook page for Pope Francis, as part of its strategy to expand the Catholic Church’s presence on social media, according to reports yesterday.

The pope already has nine different-language profiles on Twitter, attracting more than 12 million followers.

His predecessor, Benedict XVI, opened the accounts in December 2012.

“Francis will soon have his very own profile on the world’s favourite social network.

“ The Vatican is just working on some final technical aspects before the Pope’s Facebook page is made visible to the public,” specialised website Vatican Insider said.

The Vatican was not immediately available for comment.

The report added that IT experts are working to prevent offensive or inappropriate messages appearing on the pope’s Facebook page before it is opened to the public.

In January, Francis said that the internet can help spread God’s message, noting that it offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity.


  1. Blessed be the world, blessed be the children of God, blessed be the christians, blessed be the universal catholic, blessed be pope francis, blessed be the leaders of the church, blessed be the lay members of the church,happy laity week to all my fellow catholics and a sin free lenting period to all christians in the world. I love u all


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