Popular Nollywood Actor, Emeka Enyiocha Engages In A Street Fight With Brother


Emeka Enyiocha who recently welcomed his third child got into a public fight with his younger brother on Monday night of March 24, 2014 at the Surulere area of Lagos.

The married father of three, Emeka Enyiocha had employed the services of his younger brother, Maduabuchi to help him run his bar located on Modupe Johnson Street who in turn employed someone else named Onyeka to help him manage the bar.

On that fateful Monday, trouble started after Emeka walked into the bar about 11.00pm in the night, confronting the barman about certain sales he had made earlier in the day.

Apparently not satisfied with the reply he got was reported to have suddenly bounced on the boy, beating him black and blue.

During this process, Emeka’s brother, Maduabuchi decided to intervene by helping the boy ( who happens to be an orphan) but he instead Emeka started a fight with him even went ahead to pursue him into the street with a long stick, caught up with him and head butted him, giving him a cut in the face and breaking his hand.

Residents of Modupe Johnson Street tried to intervene but Emeka, in anger called officers from Bode Thomas police station and had his brother and the barman arrested.

They were locked up at the Bode Thomas police station for 24 hours and were released on Tuesday..

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  • this is pure lie, Nigerian journalist are noting but fake, this is movie, i have watched part 1-2-3-4, the raming part are still yet publish, it was very nice movie. watch it: (Blood is money Nigerian movie)

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