READ >>>> I Love Dating Older Men- Nollywood Actress Speaks Out

Lol, these actresses tho. Queen Blessing Ebiegieson is a Nollywood actress who has been acting for some time now. Queen, a mother of one spoke to The Nation Newspaper why she loves dating older men and why she has never dated any man in her age group.
Considering the age bracket between you and your ex, it’s widely believed that you dated him because of his money. How will you react to this?
Love has nothing to do with age, especially when it comes to true love. But we really don’t have true love here in Nigeria. A lot of women go for fancy things. Even the first man in my life was 30 years old when I was 20. He was 10 years older. That was how I started my life. I have never dated my mates or younger men.
You don’t expect me to get entangled with someone who is still in school. What if I get pregnant, who will take care of my child? Where will we live? I’m a realist. That is why I fall in love with someone whom I know can take care of my children. The wrong thing for any woman to do is to get married to anybody who can’t take care of her and her children – that is when you will start thinking of cheating.
Why this unusual obsession for older men?
I think that is me. Younger men don’t turn me on. If you are 25 or 30 years old and you are toasting me, then, you are just wasting your time. Maybe because I don’t really like séx and I always think they are after séx. Or maybe they don’t think the way I do. So, it’s bull shit for anybody to think I date older men because of money. That is the person’s business and I don’t give a damn.