Sheikh Gumi Reveals “Who’s Behind These Massacres”

Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Mahmud Gumi, Kaduna-based renowned Islamic preacher, has spoken on the current hardships Nigeria is facing.


He took his Facebook account to spread the message and even to name those responsible.

Before announcing his accusations, Sheikh Gumi mourned the deaths of those who lost their lives “just looking for a job”.

“If educated youth cannot get a job, businesses are collapsing and closing, those that have no access to any governmental amenities – electricity, tap water, hospitals, fertilisers, etc are more apt to be poorer. So who is that rich enough to sponsor ‘gunmen’ or ‘herdsmen’ or BH to be rampaging the innocent villages both Muslims and Christians in the north? Men over hundred riding motorcycles carrying AK47s ravaging communities with impunity. I know only one terrorist organisation that is rich enough to sponsor mercenaries to do this dirty work. The M.E.N.D.

1. They have the venom of hatred for all Nigerians especially the north.

2. Their so called ‘ex members’ are enjoying government patronage making millions ‘guarding’ oil pipelines.

3. They have declared GEJ must continue over hell will loose on Nigerians.

4. Theirs misguided provocative statements are met with state silence or even protection. I never heard Abati rebutting Asari. Birds of the same feathers?

Only a dumb person will be then looking for the financial source of these mayhems.




  1. Gumi you are trying to miss guide Nigerians and it will not work MEND has nothing to do with bokoharam inflicting terror in the north you gumi can only miss led the amagari in the north ,you people should should find solution to what you started in boronu state as political thugs which has brought the north east to this position.Gumi you should guide your utterances , l expect you Gumi to stand by the truth by the title you bear

  2. Omo, are you spoke man of M E N D’if yes probe to rest of us that the statement of shiek Gumi was not to be trusted; you can inmagine a poor ‘almajiri’ who live by your support as alm or means of livelyhood, having the possessing of sofesticated arms and ammunations. My brother, the shiek did’nt say anything morethan that he knew. What is happening in other parts a region are not even mentioned, north-west, north-central is catestrope or spelling doom to a region. Simply capitilised at poor innocence, but the Mercy of the Most merciful and His abundant Glory save the poor. But the leadership un-mindful.

  3. someone should please tell these man to
    please look else where for the sponsors of boko haram because nothing can be more untrue and sentimental than these silly remarks he just made now.

  4. this ahmad mahmud gumi is one of those notherners encouraging terrorism, his statement is violence inciting; the fg should arrest him immediately and keep him where he belongs and be tried as a terrorist without giving it pubicity lest he start calling himself martyr wann-be.

  5. Who are they fooling, they think the World is not aware of their altrocities. Look around the world from Africa to the Middle East, Sudan, Ugadan, Somalia, Philistines Etc who is responsible for all the Deaths, MEND or Muslim? Islam is a religion that is full of hate and spite for other religion. The cause of this problem is in their Obligation as Muslim. Jesus Christ lived a peacefull live and taught the virtues of Love and Forgiveness amongs all wether they be his followers or not, this why no matter the altrocities the Christians commit they always follow the part of Love and Forgiveness. But Mohammed was a Warlord,a Jihadist who believe that violence is the only option to get the Message of Allah to the people if they choose not to accept Allah, this is why the followers of Islam are mean to others.. It is a Big shame to this Northern leaders and Cleric who can do nothing to stop this madness they started because they want to gain control politically of any country they have population, instead they are pointing accusing fingers, today its GEJ Admin tomorrow its MEND next its MASSOP or OPC . Nigeria Goverment is Corrupt we are well aware of it, other leaders in Nigeria are tryin to find way to bring it to a stop, the Northern Leaders and Clerics are making use of that weakness to propagates their Evil Agenda. Its time for them to sit down and found way to make their Religion and Teaching less Bloody the Christians did that along time ago.

  6. Why are we too sentimental about things? Those who are muslims are supporting Gumi while others do not support him. We all need to put our Religious believes and tribes aside if we want to experience peace in this country. God Bless Nigeria. By the way I don’t think Gumi is right on my personer reasoning bt @ the same time it is posible. This country is one funny place anything can happen. Each time there is a new relating to christianity the muslims will comment negatively and if the news is about islam the so called christians will comment negatively, pls let’s change our attituteds and thinking

  7. Gumi should check on those who promised to make the country ungovernable.Who and who have money more than the north that mismanaged Nigeria money and people for close to 50 years?.

  8. @Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Mahmud Gumi, i wanted to just ignore your rantings and name callings but for mentioning the name of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I have to caution you to be very careful with your utterances. It is so naive statement to continue with this smear campaign against the President of Nigeria and linked him to M.E.N.D as the sponsors of the devils arms of APC and your clandestine groups in the Hausa/Fulani axis.Have you ask any of the those Boko Haram boys arrested and got the confirmation that all the money and weapons of mass destructions seized from them originated or were given to them by GoodLuck Jonathan or M.E.N.D? If the blood of the innocent women and children killed by your rags headed zombies is intoxicating you, go to chad forest and request for a bullet or two to be pumped into your rag head. How can M.E.N.D in the south south sponsor Boko Haram in the North East to kill their own brothers and sisters,mothers, christians and destroy churches? The whole of SS/SE people are prepared to leave what is left of this fraud ridden amalgamation called Nigeria for monkeys and baboons blood to continue flow.You started it, bear it!

  9. Dis sentimental fellow should b arrested and sent to kirikiri for declarin him self a terrorist,wat have mend got to do with bomb explosions in the north.he is simpatizing with the boko haram because they are islams

  10. Mr gumi or wat is dat ur name,is it bcos d nigeria army ar nw winning d war again ur boko harram dats why u want 2 distract people’s attention.we all knw dat all terrorist ar muslims,but am nt sure if all muslims ar terrorist.u need 2 be questnd!!!

  11. Gumi have you called your brother and friend Gen Buhari who said he will make the country ungovernable and today the north east is ungovernable .

  12. Is he not up to age of your ‘father’ if you really know who impreginented your mother. Anyway, that’s why I never, for once, become surprised with what the people from the south (mostly) East comment. Do you expect a fish to have the knowledge of the hill? This you know, must of course be NO. Believe me or not, you can’t give what you don’t have at your disposal. They are been brought to the world through nasty ways, one of which is the Babies Factory, which produce almost 70% of the youth under the age of 18 years in that region. The other common way is through the pre marital relationship that aslo produce child outside wedlock. Therefore, you should expect something similar if not worse than what your likes do. May Allah save us from the hands of factory made children

  13. @Nse Ebong, can’t you vividly recall what Henry okah said. Why are you people not reafy to accept the truth? Anyway, as I have been saying, these factory made children will never have natural reasoning. How many Christians were caught with explosives but the government keep mute in that regard? We have been saying that gej knows everything about bh as publicly made it available to the world. Do u ever ask him of those he said he kniws? wedlockless children.

  14. @abadeedat u are such a big fool who lack sense of judgment what does babies making factory has 2 do with all this even @ that those babies are still better than u and ur illiterate brothers alamajiri in d north who pple like sheikh gumi preach nothing than violence to 2day they are practicing wht u teach them or hv u 4goten hw ur brother d coup pluter promise to make Nigeria ungovernable 2day d north is ungovernable as he desire gumi u had better mind ur peach b4 u cause more problems in d north yes nigeria government is corrupt but d north will not rule us any time sun again after restoring this country 4 over 50years talking about mend or d crude in d south south and east aren’t u ashame who is regulating ur ground north and sugar cains in d north u had better go and think of how 2 help urselfs first by stopping boko haram ur brothers 4m killing u (2) think of hw 2 develope ur local resources take it or live it d NIGRIA u c 2ay U no go c am again

  15. Destroyers sheikh gumi d north is only ripping what de sole I only pity d innocents who hv lost their life in this sense less war are they not Muslims in d west? D way u make ur bed so u lay on it stop crying nigeria. Is already a history think of how to stop boko haram b4 they stop u bc u are on ur own wicked illiterates sorry u started it

  16. Abadeedat, don’t you think a pot is telling the kettle that is black. I will like all to leave religion and where you are from and face the fact.
    Gumi we are in 21st century, you can’t use religion to brain wash people again, even the almajiris are wise now and cannot be used by or people like you.
    Boko haram members have not denied these activities, very soon names of sponsors will come out and won’t be surprised your name will be mentioned. if MEND is able to brain wash anybody to do evil such as this then that person or persons are complete zombie. Gumi are you not failure in line with what you profess to be, you are meant to preach peace and guide people right. People like you is a big shame to your religion and people. I wonder how many you have deceived with your lies. Was MEND in existence when similar group came up in the 80s? Gumi, Gumi, Gumi.., repent before it is too late, the long arm of the law done dey reach you finish. Hmmmmmmm

  17. That’s why 9ja is not going to be peaceful place if u people’s u will not put that ur religious and tribalism a side and come to gather and find the solution for ur trouble all ur leaders both a to wicked they don’t cure about poor people is all about them selves and they’re kids u to ur are ther talking about Muslim and Christian sutuip people wise up have u ever her they kill one govenar or his son or minister wise up be for is to let guys if not 9ja on will be more than Uganda or Liberia may god help u but help urself be4. People using religion to make them self rich buying big cars jet mansion u guys a there even many of u don’t have access to good drinking water ligh Security no job u are still the pulling urself

  18. Haba gumi, you want to confuse us. You are a religious killer and not leader, you refuse to tell your follower the truth. We Nigerians knows that the Nortthern elites are behind this insurgency. They want to come back to power by force. Gumi people in the south are enlightened in all phases. Why in the north you refuse to enlightened your followers………..

  19. I believe most of nija especsially youths are morons, how could u be trading words wit what u ve little knowledge of. We ve blind folded with religious and ethnicity bigotry simply becos u a Muslim or Christian, u an hausa or igbo and we re ready cover d truth becos of sentiment. My question is dat does d activities of d MEND supported by christian teachings or d activities of boko haram supported by Islamic teachings? The answer is capital NO.Then why re we disturbing oursrlves?

  20. @ qasy, am not here to support any but accordind to your questsion, you and i no that christian preach peace and pratice it, but muslim belive every non muslim is an enemy. Is alshabbab, alqueda, muslim brotherhood and boko haram a christian? BIG NO!

  21. This is a very unfortunate comment coming from a religious leader. I find it very difficult to say anything because his father was my very good friend and highly misunderstood Nigerian whose accestors are from the same place as mine. We had me ast the first Police Academy graduation in 1989 and our friendship remained untill he died. May The Almighty Allah (SWT) continue to have mercy on his gentle soul. We must leave ppolitics fror politician and if we feel so concerned about it,throw our hats to the ring.

  22. It’s only a fool would make a statement publicly without a fat. The issue of BH is beyond your thinking my dear Muslims and Christians, BH doesn’t discriminate, whether you are Muslim or Christian when taking their actions, there is a lot of secrets you don’t know abou BH. Let me remind you, some years back (about 10yrs), the ex president of US make a statement that Nigeria would divide in 2015. My questions for you is that, what action do we take against it?, Could someone be so arrogant and confidently make such a statement against US and go away with it?, on what fac such a statement was made on so call religious nation like Nigeria?, where do we put our faith?. People may say what they like, but there are many things you don’t know about BH. Let me tell you with reference; BH is A CIA Covert Operation, you may not believe it. This as been planned by US many years ago, to disintegrate Nigeria. Did you know the reason?, bcs UN fail to bring peace to Liberia and Serria loene which was done by the Military ruler Gen IBB. My dear Muslims and Christians, this is our crime to disintegrate our beloved country by all means and take away our resources. You may ask me why? our government are powerless to tackle this insurgent, bcs thay have been track down through their phones and laptops to be powerless bcs of there corruptions. If Nigeria Army could bring peace to the neighbouring country, why they could not do that at home?, Nigeria Army are regarded as the most powerful peace keeping in the whole world. Why this is so difficult for the pass three years?. My dear Muslims and Christians, the Sheikh spoke the with fact. For better understanding on the secret behind BH, Google CYBERPENS NEWS ON BOKO HARAM, and see for yourself, for you to known that the issue of BH is beyond abusing one another, bcs that is part of their strategy. All we need is prayer for God to safe our us and our contary.


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