SHOCKING: Family Find Private Parts Missing From Dead Body At The Morgue

A family from Machakos County is in shock after they found the private parts of their kin missing at the morgue.


The family had gone to collect the body of 22 year old Milka Mutuku who died in a road accident at Kyua Market only to discover that the vagina and breasts had been chopped off.

Speaking to the media, a relative, Nicholas Munyao said that they had gone to collect the body from the private mortuary only to discover that the privates were missing.

They asked the mortuary attendants who claimed that the body was brought in without the vital organs, an explanation that the family dismissed.

Munyao said that the body was in perfect condition with only minor injuries. They suspect the attendants are collaborating with some cartels which sell human body parts and want the police to investigate the matter.

Machakos police boss, Hillary Birgen, confirmed the incident saying that investigations are underway with the mortuary attendants being grilled.


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