Soldiers Flee As Boko Haram Strike Borno Community, 29 Feared Dead

boko-haram-3The killing spree by suspected Boko Haram insurgents continued yesterday as the sect launched a deadly attack on community in Borno State, killing 29 people.

The latest attack on Sunday — just a day after at least 74 were killed in three separate attacks – hit the town of Mafa in the Northeast state, Boko Haram’s historic stronghold.

According to Senator Ahmed Zanna, the militants had sent fliers to the town earlier in the week, warning of an impending attack.

Following the threat, some people fled, schools were closed and military reinforcements were sent to the town roughly 45 kilometres (28 miles) northeast of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

But when the attack began “the soldiers fled because they could not match the firepower and numerical strength of the gunmen”, Zanna told AFP.

“Twenty-nine people have been buried from the attack by Boko Haram”, he added.

The incident was confirmed by the state Police Commissioner, Lawal Tanko, who disclosed that units were headed for Mafa to assess the damage.


  1. ‘Boko Haram well armed and more motivated than the military’. These are the words of the Borno State governor that was refuted by Jona and his cohorts of talkatives. Why did the military flee? Police job in Nigeria is just to asses the level of damage and take statements.

  2. whenever I hear the name ‘ boko haram’ . it makes me think . but this time they amazed me. no armed robber will tell an entire street and the police that he is going to rob a particular house .it’s not what I will call the wisest of robbers. but looking at it this boko haram people wanted to prove a point. By announcing to Nigerians ,the military and all who care to listen , that they are now better equipped and had better training(education) by their ‘oga at the top”. politics at it’s best.

  3. This is very unfortunate. the soldiers ran away leaving the vulnerable people to their fate. When the governor said the insurgents were better mobilised, he was critised. now the bh people have come out to confirm the statemnt of the gov. i just pray and hope that the nigerian military will rise up to this challenge and that the govt. will also give them all necessary mobilisation.

  4. When the protector flees, then the protectorate is hopeless. I think the time has come for nigerians to think of how to secure ourselves cos even the military’s obviously handicapped. What a shame!


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