This Female Student Arranged Her Friend To Be Gang-Rap*d

Miss Mary AwololaKwara State Commissioner of Police, Ambrose Aisabor, on Thursday paraded a female student of College of Technology, Offa in Kwara, Miss Mary Awolola, said to be a cultist, for allegedly luring her friend to be gang-rap*d by five of her cult members.
Miss Mary confessed at the Police headquarters in Ilorin that she was also gang-rap*d much earlier by four boys before she was initiated into the cult group.

She confessed that she lured her friend to be rap*d by her cultist friends because she refused to join them in spite of the pressure she mounted on her girl friend…

Mary also said she regretted her action having been arrested by the Police and more importantly that she was not gaining anything from the cult activities. “I did not gain anything from cultism. I regret all my actions.”
According to the CP, Mary was arrested on February 22, 2014, at Rondo area in Offa where five boys of the same school gang-rap*d the victim.

The police is considering if they should charge Mary to court with the boys or set her free with a warning


  1. The victim nko? Can the useless Nigerian Police undo the fear & pains of rape she suffered? How about the trauma & shame this girl will have to live all her life from this point on? Haba!! Why have such consideration? Free these rapists with a warning? Nigerian Police is mainly filled with dumbos & born fools! *drops mic*


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