Van Vicker’s response to Genevieve Nnaji allegedly calling him a bad actor

Van-VickerIn a recent interview with Nigerian Tribune, the actor responded to Genevieve allegedly saying he is a bad actor.

Read excerpt:

“I read the article but I wasn’t bothered about it because that was her opinion, and she is entitled to it. I never responded to it, and I don’t think I will. Nevertheless, I don’t have any ill feelings towards her. Now, whether her opinion has changed or is still the same, it doesn’t make much of a difference to me, because I know I am a fantastic actor and I am doing what I am doing with passion. I am enjoying it and I am making the best I can of it. Having said that, if I am given a job to do and she is involved, I would do the job. I won’t say because she said this, I won’t do the job. If I meet her at a function or on a movie shoot, I’ll ask her; but I won’t do it through the media. Some of these things people write in the papers or on the blogs are not even true; it’s possible they twisted her words. They do it to me all the time, so it’s possible they did that to her. But when I meet her personally, I will ask her if she did say that. And if she did, the conversation will continue, as to why she said it and how she said it”

So what do you think people, is he a bad actor or do u enjoy his acting skills???


  1. All I know is that Van vicker is not a bad actor, even according to his reply about Genevieve Cement ‘ll make u believe that he is not bad. I remember sometimes ago when Tonto Dike slapped Van Vicker simply because he was trying to advise her concerning to some act of hers according to news, he did not do anything to hurt her, i think that only makes him a nice person yeah.

  2. Men! u re a man indeed. for u to have this kind of understanding, I salute ur maturity. just approach and sort it out with her amicably. As for ur acting performance, I rate u as one of d best. ride on!

  3. Hes a good guy… But not so good as an actor… I noticed dis a very long time ago and i hv always wondered of any1 tot so too.. Well i believe he cn improve sha

  4. He’s ok though not very gud cos I bliv is not evrybody is doing one thing or the other dats is very gud @ it…I respect u 4 dis singular act of ur response 2 what Gene said abt u, it simply shows u hav great wisdom nd u ar very matured nd knws how 2 handle issue, either constructive or destructive criticism! nonetheless I am one of ur GREAT FANS.

  5. Van Vicker is a good, actor, in fact He is my best African actor, He is good, and so also genevieve, may be she just poked him with this comment so as to make Him tilting, in such a way that more best of Him will be out, so they are my best, as u may know only best poke best, it is their own tradition to do so to each other.

  6. Van is a good actor, he is very understanding to resolve to treating the matter one on one with Genevieve… He is not only a good actor but also a good husband with good home managerial skills.

    On the other hand, Genevieve is not the type that is fast with her tongue.. I sense twisted words.

  7. Van is a good actor.. And I just like his style.Charlie Ayeekoo!!. Gene is also a good person, so I think its a misunderstanding and should be resolved amicably.


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