Ways of Dealing with a Jealous Wife


Jealousy can be a destructive emotion and having to deal with a jealous wife can put a real strain on a relationship, but there are some things you can do to help understand and ease these strains.Jealousy can be best defined as a suspected sense of rivalry that leads to apprehension and concern.The most important thing to do before dealing with a jealous wife is to try and understand the source of their jealousy. There are namely three types of jealously and these are: based on competition that comes to the fore when there is rivalry; projected jealousy, where a husband blames his wife for being jealous while it is actually he who is jealous; and delusional jealously where your partner just imagines scenarios that never took place at all. Regardless of the type of jealousy, however, there are always step you can take when dealing with a jealous wife.

Patience is always the virtue of a loving partner. A jealous wife may not always be a bad thing. It could also be a different way of expressing her love for her partner, which at times threatens the relationship due to a constant feeling of being over possessive and over protective. A dollop of patience when combined with emotional maturity goes a long way in making the relationship work.

Good and open communication is the key to a jealous wife’s heart. It also enhances commitment and draws essential boundaries that helps the marriage work and adds new meaning to the existing relationship. Playing the blame game is of no help at all.

Trust can be built gradually and only over a prolonged period of time. One way of going about the process is to avoid having lunch with female colleagues at work all the time if your wife is uncomfortable with it, unless you are going out with a large and mixed group of friends. A jealous wife usually exhibits delusional jealousy if she constantly worries about the kind of interactions you have at work.

Self Esteem
Low self esteem is one of the tell-tale signs of a jealous wife. Helping her to build and enhance these levels of self-confidence and esteem is a great way of going about the process. Encouraging her to take up a hobby, start a workout regime or just complimenting her more often about the way she looks will ensure that she feels loved and admired.

Commitment in a relationship and reaffirming it without provoking a jealous wife always works. Spending quality time with each other reflects it your love and devotion and can go a long way to making her feel at ease.


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