Why Boko Haram Attempted Attack On Military Facility – DHQ

Boko Haram AttackThe Nigerian Armed Forces on Friday successfully repelled a daring Boko Haram attack on a military base in Maiduguri, in a failed bid to free some of their colleagues, who are being held in detention facilities in the Borno State capital, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has said.

According to a press statement by the Director of Defence Information, Maj-Gen. A.C Olukolade, “Pockets of terrorists apparently in a move to boost their depleted stock of fighters this morning attacked a military location in Maiduguri with a view to freeing their colleagues who are being held in detention”.

The statement added that “The attack has been successfully repelled with heavy human casualty on the terrorists.  Some of the victims of the terrorists’ fire in their efforts to break into the detention facility, included those they came to rescue.  Many of the terrorists and their weapons have been captured.  Four soldiers were wounded and are being treated.  Hot pursuits by land and air operations are ongoing along with cordon and search of surrounding localities.

“No institution has been reported attacked, although the effect of firing from the encounter could be noticed in surrounding facilities in Maiduguri.  Details will be given later.

“It is believed that this terrorists attempt is in response to the intensity of attacks on their strongholds in camps at Talala, Monguzum, Sambisa forests, Gwoza, Mandara mountains as well as the general area of Lake Chad.  The camps have been destroyed and many insurgents killed”, it stated.


  1. Kudos to the men of nigeria arm forces.they’ve shown to the world that the military service is not to be contested by anyone irrespective of group and their training acquire in arms service.the military still remain the superior fire power in arms service.nigeria military service,we nigeria are happy with the success so far in nipping Boko Haram activities gradually to the bud.we will support you in prayer like Joshua and Caleh to Moses at the mountain to the enemy of Isreal.go after them,kill them while we help you in prayer to destroy them spiritually and well as pray to God to equip you physically in combating insurgency.late Papa Benson Idahosa once say when you attack your enemy spiritually,you also attack physically.the nigeria people will used prayer to chase them spiritually,while the military will used physical technique to do the finishing work.once again congratulation to the nigeria arm forces and the people of nigeria over the victory to insurgency.JTF kill them well well,don’t pity them at all.

  2. Killing amounts to extra judicial killing. what the military has done is normal by detaining and interrogating them to kno their sponsors. then killing through proper court process. killing them arbitrarily will continue to allow for more recruitment of more members among those who are sympathetic to their wanton killings continued patronage of their sponsors.