Writer’s Opinion: Why Jim Iyke Is Not Getting Married

Jim iyke n Nadia

You have to give it to Jim Iyke. He’s the greatest gift ever to have been given by God to the Nigerian movie industry. And it’s not because he acts so well and makes enough money to drown Lagos state in Naira notes.

Jim Iyke’s most special features and interesting drama does not lie in his scripted movies and paid jobs. He’s a good actor, who can give dramatic life to creative fiction. In contrast, his private life throws up more drama to rival his profession.

He reserves the best part of his skills away from the cameras. Last year, Jim Iyke made the world quake with mixed reactions when he turned up at T.B Joshua’s house of revelations, and proceeded to whip out a demon from within him. He got delivered on camera, a press release was sent to media houses, explaining the novel power of God on Jim Iyke’s life. He was hailed as a changed soul. A real salt of the earth.


Then he had to go fight again in Ghana over some money owed by a friend. He got arrested, and we feared his demon had returned. But with the turning of the year, Jim’s been uncharacteristically quiet for some time now. No demon, no fighting, just him and his woman, shooting his unscripted life.

Then this week, all hell was let loose. Jim got engaged! Yes, and he did it in style, on international television. Hallelujah! Our congratulatory messages had barely dried up, when Nadia Buari, his supposed fiancée, began to tweet new meaning into the engagement. I guess the rules have changed. Nadia’s tweet, “…the whole story. Prevailing reality is quite different now from any reality display…!” throws some light to it all.

First, Jim is not engaged. Neither does he have plans for marriage. Why? It’s because he has no bride. Nadia is not his wife-to-be. She was once that, perhaps, but not anymore. Prevailing reality, which is happening now, is quite different from that which was once displayed on Jim Iyke’s reality TV show. That engagement episode was shot 4 months ago. 4 months is a long time for a man to misbehave and make an engaged woman cast off her ring. Perhaps, seeing Jim Iyke’s pugnacious nature, he had gotten into more unpublished fights and wrongdoings, that Nadia just have had enough.

And no matter how legit that display of affection was on TV, it still leaves a margin for doubt. Jim Iyke’s ‘Unscripted’ have once been revealed to contain some elements of scripting. An ex-lover, Keturah Hamilton, had blown the whistle on the entire charade of pseudo-reality.

Maybe that ring was just for camera. A spectacle to delight fans and add a little something extra, to a show which has failed to gather massive acceptance. Perhaps to satisfy some shrewd investor.

On Nadia’s part, this plays out in 3 ways. Maybe she thought she was getting a real ring, but later found out that it was all for the public eye, lacking any feeling, and devoid of true substance. Second theory says the entire case was real, and she truly was engaged in a creative way, then Jim did a wrong, and off went the ring. Final case says, she knew it was all a charade, but went along with it to help her lover’s career. Women have been known to travel the extra Kilometer for the object of their affection.

Written by: Joey Akan


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