Zimbabwe President Jokes On Corruption In Nigeria

he President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, took several shots at Nigeria as he compared the levels of corruption in two countries.


The president made this claim at a luncheon hosted for him by the service chiefs and the public commission, which marked his 90th birthday.

President Mugabe said Zimbabweans are now copying the style of Nigerians, who have to be corruptly paid for every service.

“Are we now like Nigeria where you have to reach your pocket to get anything done,” he said.

Mugabe further noted that based on his previous experience with Nigeria, it’s better “to carry extra cash in pockets to corruptly pay for everything”.

“You get into a plane in Nigeria and you sit there and the crew keeps dilly dulling without taking off as they wait for you to pay them to fly the plane,” said the president followed by a huge laugh from the delegates attending his birthday bash.

Well, did Mugabe make any point there? Not really. This was a simple propaganda.

According to Global corruption perception index 2013, Nigeria occupies 144th place out of 177 countries, while Zimbabwe is worse, being on 157th position.


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