14-year-old Bride Poisons 35-year-old Groom, Three Friends After Forced Marriage

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Nigerian Newspaper Headlines Today: 28th January 2020

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A child bride forced into marriage in Kano has poisoned her husband and his friends by lacing their food with rat poison, police have said.

Fourteen-year-old Wasila Umaru told police she used rat poison in the food because she was forced to marry a man she did not love.

The couple was married last week.

The 35-year-old groom had invited a dozen friends to celebrate at his village 100km from the north Nigerian city of Kano over the weekend, when he ate the poisoned food with three of his friends.

Assistant police superintendent Musa Magaji Majia said that the teenage suspect is cooperating with police and probably will be charged with culpable homicide.

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  2. That’s very good…..i like wat she did i pray those other maidens in dat bride’s shoe shld do d same……..cuddoss 2her!!!

  3. Wat a loss!if nt 4 wickedness on d part of family of d girl and dat of d man somebody must av noticed dat d little girl was nt happy wit d arrangement and spoken up just may b these deaths wd av been averted.

  4. Why did the parent give their daughter to the person that they know she dnt love? All this dogmatic behaviour has to be stop.

    • your comment clearly shows ur heights of stupidity. even as someone from south-south, I see how idiotic you natually are to insult an entire tribe. I guess ur tribe is better. u are wiser, richer and happier than every hausa person,

  5. on no accoun should the young girl be prosecuted afterall she is a juvenile. the parents of the girl who forced her into marriage against her wish should be held responsible.

  6. on no account should the young girl be prosecuted afterall she is a juvenile. the parents of the girl who forced her into marriage against her wish should be held responsible.

  7. This is unfortunate though it happens in all parts of the country on regular basis. However, it’s an height of stupidity for any commentator to castigate the whole tribe as someone commented above. Igbos also literarily sell their daughter in marriage to highest bidder. So, decorum must be observed when commenting.

  8. Guy, u dont ve to insult entire tribe, they re very nice persons , and intelligent guys. I dont belive in culture , i blive in nature. Hw can a man of 35yrs married 14yrs old n expect somtin positive: pls oga police allow d girl to go. By law she is a manor, she is less than 18yrs. 2 she does not know d difference b/w food n poison: 3 d man is guity for marrying an infant: 4 the man remain n the girl relative that was present on dat wedding day should b charge for promoting VVM: 5 0ga police should release d immediate b I take the DPO IG; appology to the hausa’s fgive the young man. I rest my case.

  9. Love is all about interest and understanding. Wot a obsolete tradition, d hausa/funani pple r still practicing in dis modern era. The girl should nt b jailed coz she only fought for her right.

  10. This is a lesson to the entire nation, families, who promote teenage married. The little girl should be free because she is not at fault rather the two parties involved should be questioned.

  11. Oga police wetin b this? u just dey stress her dey vex her, which kind yawa b this? why r u doing this 2 her? pls let her GO, DISCHARGED & ACQUITTED.

  12. Why do nagerians stillp practising all this old and funny traditions & culture! Yes, its d culture but can’t we restructure d culture? The girl shud be set free. Its herparents that shud be jailed! Cos the baby has every right to protest any action taken against her by her parents more so when it comes to emotional issueslike this! She is still a minor! Police, let her go. Take her parents instead. I think d minors shud be protected under d law. Stupid parents! Cos of one malu given to them by one stupi stinking man!

  13. The girl only did that to free herself from bondage, she is still under age an should be given enough time to distinguish between the right an bad. Police pls allow her, I think that should serve as a lesson to those who can’t marry a follow adult but preferre little children that they can cheat.

  14. May God have mercy on us all. What does a 14 year old child know? Please release the child because it was not her fault. Instead the parents should be arrested.

  15. o men! check out the age margins bwn the man and the girl, habamana is too much for her to bear it. I think it is high time to action on this type of issue, oga police pls just let her go cos she will not enjoy d marriage even if d did not die, let know what is love and how to be love, God bless u all pls turn away from evil work and be free from sin!!!

  16. It served both families right, how can they do that by giving out a 14yrs old teenager for marriage? For me that girl is still a child and so she is innocent of the crime except they want to try her under Shari’a laws and that will be quite unfortunate. They supposed to send that girl to a juvenile court because she is still a juvenile. I pity the little girl, may the lord Almighty have mercy upon her.

  17. That girl deserve commendation & compensation. I’ve said it time & again the northerners are not nigerians. How can right thinking parents hand a girl of 14 out for marriage?

  18. That girl deserve commendation & compensation. I’ve said it time & again the northerners are not nigerians. How can right thinking parents hand a girl of 14 out for marriage.

  19. Pls do not use the social media to insult any tribe. If A is wrong let us all tacle A. By insulting the whole tribe is not assisting the small girl you are protecting rather cursing more harm to her. Pls the I G, Nigerians has spoken onbehave of the small girl and pls set her free.

  20. Bravo girl, its not a thing of joy but its a lesson to useless men and parent that support it. Go arrest her father.


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