2Face Idibia Insists: “I Didn’t Sing Only Me Because of Mikel Obi”


Nigerian superstar music icon has come out to urge people to stop the rumours.

At the Star Music Trek concert which held recently in Orlu, Imo on Saturday 26th April 2014, the Nigerian music star spoke on stage about reports that his song “Only Me” was directed at Chelsea football star Mikel Obi.

It was reported that the ‘African queen’ crooner tried greeting Mikel Obi at an event, but was ignored completely; after the song was released, insiders went on to say it was his way of hitting back at Mikel.


“I know some people have been saying I sang this song because of Mikel Obi, I just want to clear the air on this-I didn’t. I didn’t sing this song because of him.”, he emphasized.


  1. U self dey jobless,u wan employ,I beg dnt bring 419 in to dis netwok o,go luk for wok to do,ur papa no get farm land for village?

  2. Y is it in d habit of celebrities humiliating each other in public functions. Mikel of ystday snobbing 2 baba. Even if u sing d song cos of him make em go nack head 4 wall or even hug transformer. Who send am? Em dey feed me or my family? Fucked up celebrities dats y when the’re dieing they don’t assist each other but when colleauge die u see dem displaying wealth and show. Wicked Bastards called celebrities


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