2Face Talks About His Wife’s Jealousy When Other Girl’s Interfere

The African Queen singer Tuface Idibia and wife, Annie Macaulay recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

In an interview with The Nation, Tuface talks about his life as a married man who has the caution of his wife and the rumors of him impregnating a banker.

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On Annie being jealous when other chicks get too close to 2baba
She loves me. So she must be jealous. If I am laughing with a particular girl too much or I am going the way that I am not supposed to go, or if one girl is following me too much, she will be there to caution me. She definitely has to be protective of her man. At that point she can tell such a girl, ‘hold your side!’ And if it is I that is doing it, she could tell me, ‘cool down, I dey here o.’

Do the other ladies still hang around?
Definitely I have a couple of female friends, just like I have a couple of male friends. Boundaries are to be respected and if boundaries are not being respected, I have to voice a respectable apology and move on. But I think my friends know this. So they ‘free’ me.

On recent reports he got a female banker pregnant
Okay, there is this recent one, which has been in the news lately, which refers to me as having impregnated my account officer. In the first place, I do not know where that story emanated from. I don’t even know where that story could have come out from. I don’t know about it at all! But the impression out there is that it is true… Of course it is not true. Impression you said, but impression can also be in both ways. Initially nobody said whether it was true or not. So what I did was to correct whatever impression from my twitter page. But the story still went on. It is a serious matter because now I am married. So it is
unfair for anyone to put out such story about me perhaps because they want to sell their medium or sell their blog. It is really totally unfair to me, especially now that I am married. If I wasn’t married, we would have laughed over the matter. But now, I am. So I do not expect that people will play over such issues of emotion at this time of my life.

How do you feel when they are so false?
I am always then like, why should people be so evil? So evil like that? I tend to ask myself at that point why? People are so lazy that they cannot take time to seek out the truth! Take for instance your own medium; you have taken time to seek me out. I guess that is how it should be. If you ask questions rightly, of course, you will get answers. Sometimes though,
those false stories amuse me. That is being famous for you! I take it in good strides. I do not let it affect my character.


  1. At least this boy have brains…he understand a woman heart…he is a good guy…I thought the rich ones are brainless..but he has proof it wrong..I respect him and salute him…

  2. Marriage really put limits to some things! See Tubaba talking this way am really really impressed! Maturity has set in somehow! Thank God For the vow on the alter


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