4 Signs that He is Your Real Soulmate

article-20142424011814478000You have been dating him for quite some time now, and recently have started to get a strong feeling that he might be “the one” that you have been waiting for all this while. But how can you be completely sure? There is always an inherent fear that you might be taking it too seriously or imagining things, or it just might be an infatuation. Don’t worry! We give you 4 sure signs that will clearly hint at the answer you are looking for. Read on to know the signs that tell you he is your soulmate.

1. He knows your thoughts intuitively Okay, not literally! By this we mean that he comprehends your thoughts and feelings, and often even completes your sentences! When the attraction grows to a point that being together becomes a habit, he would know your innermost feelings no matter how much you try to hide them. This isn’t just “mush talk” but a fact supported by researchers who believe that this connection is at par with what a child has with his mother. He will intuitively know if you are feeling low or excited or happy. If that is the case, then it suggests that you both have achieved a level of understanding that is possible only after a strong emotional commitment.

2. His presence calms you

In this day and age when stress and anxiety are deemed normal, all you need is a comforting hand on your back. If he has a soothing effect on you in demanding situations, it is highly indicative that your compatibility is just fabulous. For instance, you have had a really bad day at work, but just hearing his voice for a few minutes on the phone seems to make all your worries melt away. It feels as if you have taken a painkiller and all your nagging discomfort has vanished. Be glad that you have found your perfect match!

3. You can share your darkest secrets with him (and he is okay with them!)

You have held secrets so dark or so personal that even your parents and best friends do not know about them. But for some reason you feel like sharing them with him, and are sure he will be perfectly fine with them. In fact, he even makes you feel okay about it, ridding you of any guilt. Your mistakes, some embarrassing moments, wrong decision, and things like these don’t even matter between the two of you anymore. If you have experienced this, then rest assured that he is “the one” for you.

4 . He plays many roles in your life

If he plays the role of an understanding friend, a supportive pillar, a protector and a pampering partner, all as and when you need the most, then he is certainly yours for keeps. If you he is the name you can think of when in trouble, when happy, when sad or excited, then be certain that you have found your Mr. Right.

But dear girls, do remember that these signs should be thought about only after dating for a reasonable time period to eliminate the chances of infatuation overriding your senses.


Source: Bollywoodshaadis.com