5 Ways How Facebook Can Harm Your Marriage

images (31)Facebook is the most successful story of our age. The website has travelled from being a mere social networking platform to a global congregation of around 600 million members. In a way, it truly connects people. However, very few understand that it is a two-edged sword. If the social umbrella can bring us together, then it can tear us apart as well. As per a survey conducted by the American Academy of matrimonial lawyers, every four out of five attorneys report divorce cases on the basis of written evidence found on Facebook. Hence, though the social platform offers certain benefits, it also creates higher risks of relationship damage than anything else. Let us tell you how the social networking platform can be damaging your relationship, and how you can save your relationship from it.

1. Don’t let them get the wrong picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. Right from an innocent cosy twosome picture with a friend to some deliberately tampered ones where you are tagged in, anything can ruin your image, break your relationship and send you in a toss much before you have time for explanation. So don’t go about uploading silly, dubious pictures on your page or risk being tagged. Try and untag yourself from any such pictures as soon as possible!

2. Updates that can let you down

Sometimes a wrong status update or rather not updating your timeline can cause you more trouble than you can imagine. Hence, if committed or married don’t quote yourself as single. This can land you in a lot of trouble with your partner. Don’t befriend people who can post inappropriate updates or comments on your timeline. This can ruin your marriage. Be careful with what you post on your profile as well. An innocent outlet of emotions can be misconstrued in many different ways by your beloved and those around them.

3. Wrong comments

Nothing can be more disgraceful than a wrong comment about you or your relationship. One wrong comment about you and some random person can be circulated as a rumour, and further postings on your timeline can catch your partner’s attention. This may ruin your relationship and erode the trust between you and your beloved. Also, be very careful with the comments that you make on other people’s profile, including that of your better half. Sometimes sarcasm, harmless jokes and zestful comments can be taken in a very wrong way, which can be disastrous for your relationship.

4. Don’tleave the door open

Nothing can be worse than staying logged in, even while you are away from your laptop. This might just give some “smart one” around the chance to use your profile to make indecent posts on your behalf. Indecent pictures, comments and abusive language can also make it worse for your image and married life. Always log out, especially if you are opening your profile on your office system or a shared computer.

5. Mind your language

Your anger can wreak havoc not just on you, but on others as well. Very few people realise the importance of being socially and morally responsible while using Facebook. If you make a comment using abusive language, it can hurt your loved ones and can break your relationship too.

Changing statuses might be easy on Facebook, but it is not so in real life. Your Facebook status may not reveal the truth, but you will know what took away your committed status back to single. So, be careful!

Source: Bollywoodshaadis.com