7 Tips to Seduce Your Man!


Learn how to seduce a man making him yours

Whether you’re in a loving relationship or you’re trying to catch that man of your dreams there are certain approaches you should take when you want to seduce a man.  Keeping your relationship alive is important and employing a few winning tactics to seduce your partner will make him putty in your hands.  Although it may seem daunting at first, it doesn’t have to be; so what are the ways how to seduce a man and keep him coming him back for more?

Relationships don’t have to be dull and many couples these days fall into old routines that are convenient due to their hectic lives.  Bringing back the fun into your relationship will be beneficial to both of you.  If you seduce your man well, you’ll surely reap the rewards.

1.  Feed Him
They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and your grandmothers are proof of this.  How many women over the age of 70 do you know that have split from their husbands?  Very few!  In today’s society women are so busy trying to focus on their careers and bring up children that the kitchen has been neglected.  It may sound sexist, but it doesn’t have to be.

Cooking a good hearty meal as opposed to getting take outs or simply frying up sausages is a great way how to seduce a man.  Men love food and even more so, they love good food just like their mothers used to make them.  Men are wired differently to women and they do need to be cared for so a great way to show ‘I love you’ is through whipping up a storm in the kitchen.  He’ll appreciate it, feel loved and of course you’re giving him all the nutrition and energy he’ll need for later on in the evening!

2.  Sexy Eating
While on the subject of food, make sure you eat up all the food on your plate.  Men hate it when women pick at their food and swirl it around their plates. Don’t just eat it, enjoy it too, savor the taste in your mouth and close your eyes as you taste something delicious and you’ll find him staring at your mouth in awe.  As you bring the food up to your mouth, eat it slowly and you’ll see that he’ll be wanting more than just dinner.

3.  Whisper Sweet Nothings
How to seduce a man just got a whole lot easier with a little bit of dirty talk.  It doesn’t matter where you are, whether it’s in the park while walking the dog, over the phone at work, at a fancy cocktail party or even sitting in the cinema.  Leaning over to whisper something casually in his ear will get him all worked up and looking forward to getting some of that much desired private time.  Whispering quietly in his ear “I can’t wait to get home this evening,” or “I’m thinking of all the things we’re going to do later,” will get him thinking and it will definitely make him want to get home as quickly as possible to give you all the one-on-one attention you need.

4.  Sex Texts
If you’re not with him you can definitely get his attention with a fun sexy text that will get him thinking about everything else other than work.  Send a message telling him that you’re stuck in the office wearing no underwear or even better tell him you are waiting for him at home on the bed and he’ll be running out the office door.

5.  Picture it
Maybe you’re not into nude or revealing pictures (most of us aren’t) but you can still get him wound up by sending a hot image of yourself.  Whether you dare to go bare or take a photo of your sexiest asset for example a close up of your puckered glossy lips, it will work wonders and you’ll see he’ll be rushing home from work early making polite excuses to his boss that there’s a family emergency.  Words are not needed, just a simple snap sent to his phone or to his private inbox and he’ll devour you as soon as he gets through the door.

6.  Butterfly kisses
Hot steamy kisses are not needed to seduce your man.  Instead try using light, playful and flirtatious little kisses all over his body.  Sneak up behind and peck him playfully on the neck, ear and other sensitive areas and you’ll have him anticipating what is next.  A simple brush of your lips will be enough to get him in the mood, especially when he’s least expecting it.

7.  Confidence is Key
Nothing turns a man on more than a woman with confidence.  Without being overbearing and dominant use your confidence to orchestrate all the above tricks of the trade to really seduce your man and keep your relationship hot.

The ins and outs how to seduce a man are easy and with a few simple touches, verbal exchanges or actions you’ll have him eating out of your palm in no time.  It’s all about your confidence, paying attention to him and knowing how to please him.  Remember, just as we women like to be nurtured and seduced, our men are exactly the same, they are human after all, and love is a human need.

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