A Decent President Should Not Celebrate When 200 School Girls Are Missing; APC Tells Jonathan

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has urged President Goodluck Jonathan to cancel the political rally being planned for him by the Adamawa PDP for Tuesday, saying the President cannot and should not be celebrating when over 200 school girls are missing.

Jonathan had attended a similar rally in Kano just a day after a bomb blast in Nyanya, Abuja killed over 70 commuters at a motor park. From all indications, Jonathan may attend the Adamawa rally despite the security situation in the country and the abduction of over 200 secondary school students who remain missing. The opposition has therefore moved to caution him.

“We hope and pray that our daughters are released safely even before Tuesday, April 29th when the rally is to be held, but until then, it is insensitive and indecent for anyone, least of all the President who is the father of the nation, to engage in any celebratory outing under any guise,” the party said in a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

It said the President must not repeat the faux pas he committed less than 24 hours after 75 of his compatriots were killed in the Nyanya bombing.

“All decent men and women were riled that President Jonathan went dancing at an illegal campaign stop in Kano and popping champagne corks at a birthday celebration in Ibadan when the smoke was yet to clear from the scene of the Nyanya bombing

“The President should not repeat the same mistake, if indeed he considered that to be one. He should see the missing girls as his own daughters and stop forthwith his illegal campaign rallies,” APC said.

The party said the ongoing bickering over the site of the rally in Adamawa, close to the scene of the sad abduction of the girls, is distracting from what should be a concerted national effort to find the girls and reunite them safely with their families.

“For a President whose grovelling aides have likened to Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and other great leaders in a patently blasphemous campaign, he should take time to ask himself how Obama would have reacted to one missing girl from any school in the US, not to talk of over 200 missing girls.

“Does President Jonathan honestly believe that Mandela, in his days as President, would have been campaigning when his compatriots are being daily bombed or abducted? Sycophancy has no limit, especially in an environment where many will disown even their children for pecuniary gains, but President Jonathan must rise above those who are justifying his insensitivity by saying the government cannot shut down so as not to give victory to Boko Haram.

“We are not saying the government should shut down. But the President must shut down all celebratory public outings and all political campaigns until our missing daughters are safely found and returned to their homes,” it said.


  1. Alhaji liar and his party cohult should mind there business and leave Gej alone,by now I’m expecting your party as a major opposition to have come out with better sugestion on how to tackle the security challenges that is currently facing the nation rather than urgly criticism coming from you.I throw it to you if your party are in the present predicament what would you do,its geting clearer that you are just after power noting to offer.

  2. Leave GLJ alone he can’t do it all alone non of speak against or stand to challenge all he said abt kano state govt or try to do or bring a better way for our securities to inprove all u do is talk and make d hell of noise.let join hand n save nigerian

  3. this apc should learn how to respect an a gentle leader like jonathan before bring cource upon themself,by de way what is he insenuating do he mean that jonathan should be lamenting and crying inside his room simply because apc boys stoled some girls or is he saying that gej should be searching and holding rallies in sabisa forest so as to look for the girls.,infact the statement is as useless as the party and if i may advise them,is not better for them to desolve the since they don’t have vission but critism and hypocrisy do they think we do not know who boko haram and their sponsors are,offcause they are northern muslems here in nigeria others are paid by them for their collective angender to weaken the jonathans government and there by take over the country and islamise nigeria.now they are blaming innocent person for evil reward GOD will shorly ponish the blood sucking colt they called islam that brought violence in this world.as for the missing girls, their parants should go to buhari,el-rofai-atiku,sanu

  4. The truth must be said clearly’Its very wrong of the President to be in that mood,all of u supporting him are birds of a feather,imagine his daughter,niece,or cousin or even relation is there,would he do dt,shameless,hearthless presido,without empathy or feeling,now he has shoes he can walk and go whereever he wants!mtchewww!

  5. I like goodluck jonathan. but in this aspect, i disagree with his style of leadership. Just because i came from the same place with the president should not make me to be sentimental,to the detriment of my beloveth country Nigeria. We all have a role to play in the security aspect of this country, but we are not commander in chief. The president is the only commander in chief and whatsoever he says stands. Me and you can keep on talking and saying,but it’s only the commander in chiefs comment that stands. So,what are we saying?
    My president should please say something, atleast he should learn from Obasanjo, (even though am not obj and Apc fan) learn from Obj and some foreign leaders.
    Those of you supporting the president act of silence, na una papa? Abi na him de feed una. My president, the great Nigeria is sinking,please wake up. You know,i like you,but not your silence in leadership,so act like a commander in chief,please…

  6. I still don’t understand why some of you should reason even less than a 5yrs old child of today! If it was GEJ that lost his Child would you advise him to suspend most official duties with utmost necessity to him and seat @ Aso -Rock muddy on a daily basis? Haven’t killed some of its chicks and planing to kill more, thereby making efforts to break the hens wings that is the head for your selfish political reason. APC should better go and amends it political strategy because the youth of this generation are wiser,observant and vibrant.
    JEJ is working .Imagine Nigeria if there was no BOKO HARAM threat since inception of this administration,GEJ would have paid more attention on other pressing issues such as JOB creation, Good Roads, portable water for the ordinary man, Education,Scholarships, etc.
    Even at that, the man is working. let call a Spade a Spade! Habaaaaaaa