Abducted Schoolgirls: Chibok Parents, Elders Disappointed In FG

Parents and elders of Chibok community in Borno State whose abducted daughters are still being held by Islamist sect Boko Haram in the dreaded Sambisa forest said, yesterday, that the Federal Government has failed them over the government’s inability to rescue the girls more than two weeks after they were abducted.

Speaking on behalf of the elders and parents, Leader of Chibok Elders Forum (CHEF) Dr. Pogu Bitrus, who spoke with newsmen, yesterday, in Maiduguri, said that 43 girls managed to escape from their captors, while over 100 others were still being held in the forest by the insurgents.

“We are not aware of any serious effort by the Federal Government to secure the release of the girls. We heard that the military moved troops to the forests some days ago but we don’t know what they are doing. All we know is that 234 of our daughters are in captivity. The Federal Government is supposed to provide security and welfare of its citizens but it has failed us in that respect since it has failed to rescue our children.

“We started having hope when the President hosted the expanded Security Council meeting where they said they were all committed to seeing that the girls were released but up till today (yesterday) nothing has happened. We are still waiting and we have surrendered everything to God but the government should know that it has the primary responsibility to its citizens to secure the release of the girls and return them to their parents.”

“Government has not provided succour to the parents. It is very disappointing when I read in the papers that America is trying to assist. What is wrong with Nigeria? We have a lot of unanswered questions and as parents we are still waiting for what government will do for its citizens. It is getting to two weeks now when these poor girls were kidnapped from their school,” Bitrus said.


  1. It is the responsibility of govt to protect lives and property of it’s citizens;however,the citizens have a responsibility to inform govt through law enforcement any suspicious movement or persons in their domain. when boko haram started were you and your community not in sympathy with the sect? Because the consequence of your actions have befall your land,you now blame the federal government. be courageous enough to say that in your communities you do not know the sponsors of boko Haram. Appreciate what government and the military is doing my brother.

  2. The Parents & Guardian should be dissapointed in their various state government. The three governors should explain to Nigerians what they use their security votes for. And what ve they done to rescue those girls. What they planned to disorganized GoodLuck Jonathan Government has turned against them. It is like an adage : A hen that throws an arrow into an open market to destroy her enemy later discovered her mother was the victim. The cry of those children and the blood of those that ve been killed by boko haram will not stop tormenting these 3governors and their evil perpetrators all the days of their lives.Until you bring these children to their parents your home will also not be settled
    So shall it be IJN.Amen.

  3. When it all started. The people supported these infidels killing Christians & burning churches. Now, they are at your door steps. Who will you blame? Goodluck or Military? No no.They are doing their best. Blame yourselves, the 3 governors,the Moslem leaders in the North. Blame Mohammadu Buhari. The baby who prevents his / her mother sleepless night will not sleep also.It is a pity that Nigeria is in this mess because of some demon incarnate. But l tell you evil perpetrators,God has won this battle for Nigeria and Nigerians.