[Advice Needed] His Mother Detests Me, Please Help!

TNMCoupleBedUnHappyArgueDear Tee,
I am a student of Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro. I an dating a collegue of mine and we intend to get married after school. Recently, I visited his family and his mother gave me a funny attitude. Later, I told my boyfriend about it and he said that his mother is against our relationship because of my tribe. I asked him what he feels about it and he said he cannot disobey his mother, but he loves me. He has started misbehaving to me now. Please what do I do?


Dear JN,
I think you should not get disturbed. Let him make up his mind about the relationship, if he wants to let go of the relationship, please let him. Just understand that someone who would love your tribe would come around. Don’t beg him to stay with you, let him make his decision. Stay strong at this time, don’t feel downcasted, put your energy into other positive things and be patient.
All the best,

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  1. Ur husband to- be is mummy’s pet ,hence he is not man enough. Ur entire life is at stake because he would not be able to protect you from his mother troubles if you eventually marry him . In modern society , tribe has nothing to do where true love is involved. The mum to me is not a believer but a traditionalist. Be wise oooooooh. I am advising you out of experince using myself as a case study. Listen to the advise of Tee. Thanks

  2. God to God in prayer.he is nt for so pray that ur mind ll be out 4rm him.study.a girl use let me down in our villàge cus they are rich we are poor,now i m in euro i talk 2ppl beter than her,even if i go home i cant marry her cus there is no love.wait for u time God ll answer u.

  3. My dear, that man is not ur real man. He is just a play boy.Am speaking from an experience,i smtime dated a girl here in ilaro whom i thought dat loved me. But when i had problem with my business she told me that she doesn’t understand me again. That she actualy want to marry an ebonyi state man while am an Anambra man. So dear he is nt urs.Never beg him to change his mined toward for this is marriage.

  4. My dear, that my is nt a man of himself. Cheerup! Is not easy but put ur self together.U don’t know what GOD is using this to prevent u from. Cry not God is ur strenght. Mine just happened last 2months but here i am tday. U will later shere tstimni if u heet to this advise. ONYE EZE@