APC To Blame For Abuja Bomb Explosion – PDP

Lai-Metuh1The All Progressives Congress (APC) has been blamed for the explosion that rocked a busy bus stop in Nyanya, an Abuja suburb, on Monday in which over 71 persons were killed and 124 injured.

Apportioning the blame in a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) condemned the bomb explosion as barbaric, monstrous and extremely wicked.

The party said the blasts could not be justified under any guise, insisting that they were politically motivated and can be traced to the utterances and comments of desperate persons, especially in the opposition, who seek to undermine and discredit the present administration and make the nation ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan by creating an atmosphere of terror against the people.

The statement said: “We stand by our earlier statements that these attacks on our people are politically motivated by unpatriotic persons, especially those in the All Progressives Congress (APC) who have been making utterances and comments, promoting violence and blood-letting as a means of achieving political control.

“Nigerians are also aware of utterances by certain APC governors which have been aimed at undermining our security forces and emboldening insurgents against the people.

“Those who have been promoting violence through their utterances can now see the monster they have created. They can now see the end product of their comments; a country flowing daily with the blood of the innocent.

“The question is; how do they feel when they see the mangled and blood-soaked bodies of their victims? How do they feel when they hear the voices of the dying and the injured?

“Of course they feel nothing. Their hearts have been hardened and they are embittered by the fact that they have been rejected by the people. They are bitter because the people have chosen to rally round the government they love and voted for; but must they choose the path of violence and bloodletting as a response to the wishes and aspirations of the people?”

The ruling party said it was shocked and grief- stricken since it received the news of the gruesome attacks and killing of Nigerians pursuing their legitimate endeavors.

“The PDP weeps. We are indeed grief-stricken. Our hearts go out to the bereaved, especially those who have been orphaned and widowed and those now deprived of their bread winners by this evil act”.


  1. What is happening to Nigeria today is as a result of excessive oppression to the media right frm time,makin them to propergate coruptions and injustice to his citizens,

  2. What is happening to Nigeria today is as a result of excessive oppression to the media right frm time,makin them to propergate coruptions and injustice to his citizens,the media culd have mobolise and make corrections before now,this make the politcians to do and undue,now the politicians are very richer than the communities they come from, making them to comeback to those socities and unleash conflict on the socities,Nigeria has to wake up and lench those politicians before his home will become home.

  3. Today nigeria has change from peaceful environment to a war zone. But let pdp or apc that to blame one another but nigerians nd it leaders should sit back nd think where the are wrong in their contribution to the development of this nation, so that each person can change of his or her mistake if not, we will not find solution the this mess by the time we start blaming one another, especially our leaders GOD will surely ask u on the day ur soul is taking back him, let that taught always be in ur memories so that it be a reminder to u as our leaders nd let all the citizen desist from geed, selfishness nd betrayer for the mini change the do get from our politician nd let have a free nd fair election that will bring in good leaders that have the poor in hearth so that the can lead us out of this menace, cos all this weapon nd bomb are imported” so who is behind the importation, are we to ask the customs police army or our leaders or the common man that is use as a Libra to off load or load the arms nd ammunition from one place to another, so our security situation is on every nigerian. But those in most question are our leaders, so let have the fear of GOD so that peace will reign once again in nigeria.

  4. All that lives must die. To them that delight in sharing the blood of innocent Nigerians one day they too will go. I strongly believe that will overcome this boko haram one day IJN.


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