Beyonce’s Lil Brother & Mum Seen On Their Way To A Homeless Shelter

Matthew Knowles’ baby mama Alexandra is photographed with her son on their way to a homeless shelter today. The pics which were exclusively obtained by In Touch magazine shows the woman crying as her 3 year old son consoles her.

I don’t mean to be insensitive but this woman is beginning to annoy me. So she can’t give her child a home without a man or Beyonce? Is she for real? Can’t she get a job? There are women who are taking care of 3, 4 children by themselves…what is wrong with this one? Why is she doing this to her child? She got $12k a month for a while, she didn’t save? Plus doesn’t she have any family to go to instead of taking her child to a homeless shelter? Or she’s just being manipulative?