Blame Hoodlums, Not Fulani Herdsmen For Vicious Attacks, Says Gowon

gowonFormer military Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, has expressed the belief that the recent wave of attacks in some northern states were not carried out by Fulani herdsmen.

He said Nigerians should rather blame miscreants, who disguise as Fulani herdsmen to wreak havoc on innocent Nigerians.

Gen. Gowon, who led a delegation of the Nigeria Prays Movement which he heads, on a visit to Governor Martin Elechi of Ebonyi State in Abakaliki, the state capital said: “I find it difficult to believe that it is the Fulani herdsmen who are predominantly little children that cause the mayhem in some parts of the country.

“These children carry sticks and lead their cattle on pasture across the country, but now some people put-on Fulani clothes and perpetrate crisis.

“The question is how the transformation from little cattle herders to criminals took place, as we should continue to pray that God touches the hearts of these disgruntled elements to change”.

The elder statesman described prayer as the main weapon to solve the numerous security challenges confronting the nation.

“The power of prayer is stronger than all physical powers we have as when it touches our souls, we become the right instruments God wants us to be”, he stressed.

He added: “In the Bible, Saul was persecuting the Christians, but when God’s power touched him, he became the strongest disciple that ever propagated God’s word”.

He said that the ferocity of the security challenges in the country makes it imperative for Nigerians to turn to God in prayer to seek divine intervention in the restoration of peace in the country.

He also requested residents of Ebonyi State to turnout in their numbers today for the prayer summit scheduled for Abakaliki by Nigeria Prays.

In his response, Gov. Elechi thanked Gowon for his fatherly role in the country and for leading the vanguard to salvage the country through prayers.

He said of the former military ruler: “Gowon became head of state at the age of 31, bravely waded through the civil war period and is now leading ordained men of God to seek solutions to the nation’s problems.

“He has remained relevant in all regimes since leaving office, both military and civilian, and he insults no one but gives fatherly advice to successive governments”.


  1. Mr. Gowon! With due respect sir, I disagree with ur exoneration of Fulani herdsmen causg d killgs in our country. I just cam back from my home in Obehira, Okene LG of Kogi state where one of our close friend brother was matcheted and murder along Osara axis on a disagreement dat de er grazg their animals in his farm land. These er confirmed cases of those boys u called little killg an innocent individuals.

  2. I entirely agree with our respected former head of state that most of the killings are not perpetrated by the Fulani but people wearing their dress as a cover. While I sympathize with Abdulazeez Obehira, I want to say that isolated cases such as what happened at Obehira is common where herdsmen exist side by side with farmers. However a situation where entire settlement is wiped out is a new development in this country and I believe that is what Gen Gowon meant. I do not support violence in whatever guise.
    I believe in the efficacy of prayers but we have to be closer God by obeying His rules before He will answer us. Most Nigerians are only religious in their mouth but their physical attributes contradict their religious beliefs Muslims or Christians. I stand to be corrected.
    Leaders must be honest just for all irrespective of who we are so long as we are Nigerians, that will be beginning of good tidings. A just leader will not condone corruption, a just leader will not condone nepotism and divisive vices that will make a particular group or area feel neglected. Nigerians are only after a good leader that will take whole country as his constituency where feelings of an injury to one is an injury to all will take centre stage.


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