Boko Haram Is A Result Of Misinterpretation Of Holy Quran – Gov Shettima


Borno state Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima,  Tuesday described the outlawed Boko Haram sect as a child born out of misinterpretation of the Holy Qur’an and misconception of Islam.

Strongly condemning the activities of the sect, the governor said there is no place in Islam where the extermination of innocent lives and destruction of properties is allowed.

He said this while receiving the Board for Qur’anic Education in the state, who brought winners of the 2014 National Qur’anic Competition held  in Dutse, Jigawa state before him.

Shettima explained that Islam is a religion of peace which does not condone killing and destruction under whatever form.

“Distorted translation of the holy book by the insurgents landed us in this mess, if we have had good understanding of Islam we would have been in a better state than now,” he noted.


  1. I don’t believe those words @all. I watched a video recorded by this people of which they sent out as warning where they caught a man and slaughtered him like a ram but but b4 doing that they recited many quranic verses 4 about 15- 20 minutes and after that they started shouting Allah hu a kubar,Allah hu kubar while slaughtering. Apart from this. please read this chapters carefully chpta 9:3-6and verse 12and 13 see also chpta 5 verse 51 chapter 47 verse 3-7 chapter 1 verse 27 etc. And tell urself the truth. Shakau (the ringleader of boko haram) said that what he is doing is in accordance with the holy quran which is so true base on the little research i made to confirm his words. There is no need hiding the truth to save faces. It’s obvious and that’s why they got all the support they needed for whosoever believe must support. May God help us all. Amen

  2. We now know who the ignorant are. Islam is the religion of the decendant of ismaile;The one that God hate bcs of his violent attitude. God said “jacob i love, ismaile i hate.

  3. Oh mr. Wisdom ‎​u er making a big mistake go back to ur Bible nd read to understand and stop giving wrong interpretation. May God forgive U


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