Boko Haram: Maku Calls For Unity Between Christians And Muslims

Information Minister Mr. Labaran Maku has called on Christians and Muslims in the country to unite in order to defeat insurgents who seek to divide and set the people against each other.

Maku said this at a Church Service to commemorate the Easter celebrations.

Mr Maku observed that the reason for the killings of innocent lives by terrorists was to cause confusion and cast the government in bad light, hence the need for the people to unite against divisive and satanic forces.

“These killings that are taking place in our country are satanic and I have told them the effort the President is making to have peace. The reason for the killings is satanic, is to cause confusion in the country, is to make the people hate the government and fight among ourselves,” he stated.

According to him, the Federal Government is doing everything possible to check the activities of terrorists in the country, including deploying new technologies. The public should therefore support security agencies by remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious movement and characters to the appropriate authorities.

“I have told the people to help the government. I gave them the example of Dadin Kowa in Jos. When there was crisis in Jos, the people of Dadin Kowa, Muslims and Christians came together to form a committee so that if there is any Christian that enters there, Christians will report to Muslims, if any Muslim enters the place with bad intention, Muslims will report to Christians and all of them will watch the person.

That way, Dadin Kowa and Miango Low-cost have never had any crisis,” the Minister remarked.

Maku said as Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the people should equally resist those who seek to terminate their lives untimely.


  1. I guess Jonathan is the head of Boko haram, if not 2 lives wasted should even be too much, for someone who calls himself president and someone who opens his eyes generations of nigerians being wasted in this manner?calls to question the legitimacy of Jonathan being the president of nigeria and commander in chief of the armed forces And he has no Clue as to what to be done is not fit to be president of nigeria! Arm the people fools! Arm the citizens, don’t wait until they kill all nigerians! Before u know what to do!train number of citizens and arm them to the teeth,position super skilled machinery in all Corners of the Northern states Send Super fighters jet,smoke them out of the sambisa forests! 1000 Super machineries will Finish these filthy craps who called themselves Boko Bastard! He has no clue? Then leave the office and let Someone who has clue gets there! Shame on You! Jonathan!!!


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