Boko Haram: Tinubu Seeks Non-Partisan Approach

Bola-TinubuNigeria’s current political and security challenge is not beyond redemption if leaders at all levels shed their egos, forgo their selfishness and renew their commitment to the people who elected them.

This was the position of former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, in his Easter message to Nigerians.

Mr. Tinubu said only a bi-partisan approach to the issue of Boko Haram insurgency can bring their reign of terror to an end and secure the country

“As we remember the death of Jesus and celebrate his resurrection, we must never forget that if not for the sacrifice he made for all, there could never have been a celebration and hope for a better future. Such is the message of Easter to all our leaders to make the sacrifices necessary so that our country will be better”.

Tinubu, who is also a national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, while wishing all Christians a happy and wonderful Easter, called on them to remain fervent in prayers for Nigeria so that God will turn the country’s fortune around.

He added that Nigeria of today is not exactly the kind of Nigeria the country’s founding fathers envisioned.

“Given our abundant natural resources and human capacity, Nigeria has no business with poverty, insecurity and massive unemployment,” Mr. Tinubu said. “We must all pray that God will provide Nigeria with leaders who are God fearing and with the vision and will to embark on the kind of change the country needs”.

The APC chieftain noted that the menace and atrocities of terrorists in Nigeria must be curbed and urgently too.

“Let all men of goodwill, irrespective of party, religion or creed come together to find a solution to this unending and unconscionable killings and shedding of blood. We cannot continue to dance on the graves of our dead children and compatriots and claim that we were elected to lead them. We lose our credibility and legitimacy if we dilly – dally in our collective response to the near genocide taking place in our country. Nigerians deserve better. They deserve peace. They deserve a government that can apply itself to the task at hand.

“I join other Leaders and Nigerians who are committed to the search for solutions to our problems and who seek a non-partisan approach to solving problems that affects our fate as a people. May the spirit of Easter nudge us all in that direction of selflessness and service to our motherland”.


  1. I support the non-partisan approach idea but the question is…who are the leaders that you claimed are more committed in searching for the solutions to our problems? is it the leaders who created the problems and are seeking ways to mount the throne by force under APC platform?? if yes your guess is as good as mine. Happy Easter Nigerians


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