Boy, 17, Stabs Sister Over Relationship With Man He Dislikes

policeFor lack of a better and more civil way to express his opposition to the man his elder sister is dating, a 17-year-old boy in Marine Beach, Apapa area of Lagos State, has sent her to the hospital with stab wounds.

The teenager, simply identified as Francis, was said to have warned his elder sister, Mary, to put an end to whatever form of relationship she had with the man, simply named Isiaka, because he loathed him.

In a chat with LEADERSHIP Weekend, the minor’s friend, Charles, said Francis had been unhappy since he suspected his elder sister was in a relationship with Isiaka.

According to Charles, his friend hated Isiaka with a passion for no just cause, adding that when Francis confronted his elder sister with the issue of her relationship with the man he had come to despise, she dismissed him with a wave of the hand.

He added that Mary shunned her brother, warning him not to ever interfere in her relationship with Isiaka. She also reportedly threatened to report the matter to their father when he comes back from work, insisting that she would marry Isiaka whether he liked it or not.

Her insistence, according to Charles, irked Francis, who dealt his elder sister a blow to the lips, resulting in blood gushing out of the cut.

Mary reportedly held unto Francis, who in turn broke an empty bottle of beer and stabbed her before fleeing the scene.

The injured Mary was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.