Buhari’s Statement On Nyanya Bomb Blast

The former president of Nigeria had this to say:

The attack today at Nyanya was horrific,
heartbreaking, and a cruel act of merciless
slaughter. My thoughts and prayers are with the
families of those who lost their lives. I also pray
and hope for the full and speedy recovery of those
My heart breaks every time I take to this platform
to offer condolences in this tormenting season of
seemingly endless violence. I understand that it is
difficult for the government to prevent every
terrorist attack, but we can always do more to
protect our defenseless citizens by boosting our
intelligence and counter-terrorism capabilities.
Words alone cannot express the full solemnity of
our grief. We can only honor the memories of our
country men and women by winning this war
against terrorism and bringing to justice the
perpetrators of those dastardly acts.
The security and stability of Nigeria is inviolable.
No individual or group can hold the security and
stability of this country to ransom. Our security
and stability cannot be conditioned on any
ideology or partisan agenda. Every Nigerian
reserves the right to his own security, to his own
freedom and dignity, and no amount of terrorist
blackmail can make us surrender these.
May God unite our hearts as we confront this evil.

Source: Osun defender

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