Check Out Photos From President Jonathan’s Daughter’s White Wedding

President Jonathan Daughter’s daughter, Faith got married to her heartrob, Godswill Osim Edward today in Abuja.

The couple got married at Abuja Ecumenical Center, while the ceremony was broadcast live on NTA, with many governors and other dignitaries in attendance.

The couple who met at University of Calabar as students had their traditional marriage on April 5 in Bayelsa state.

Check out photos from the white wedding below

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  1. Huuummm, what a wonderful joint, I pray to almighty to enlarge cost and make me a great person, ur. Excellence sir, I great u, and I pray dat dis we nt be d end of ur rejoice, u shall see many more on ur family IJN

  2. I celebrate with amible presdo jonathan atleast let dis wedding make u smile for us again after all d headache of boko haram.congrat

  3. See my brother. This impotent president that we have and we think we have president. HE IS NOT CAPABLE OF CONTROLLING THE COUNTRY. A POOR ZOOLOGIST. Bring our president,Imaging! This is STUPIDITY. I’m sure he will account for his actions,deed and his mischievous government. In great pains. Stupid president. He is celebrating his daughters wedding and we civilian are under trauma. I’m fed up with this country. I pray that Allah help.

  4. you know, this man to me is sincere I mean Sanusi. let us imagine how the minister of aviation did the other time . brother Jonathan is to blame bcs politics is obscure to him. he studied zoology in school. he is responsible for the action of this ppl. for Diezani dealing with those who goes beyond their boundary. We Nigerians we have to muster our anger for impunity and heart of theft.


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