Civilian JTF In Borno Restates Commitment To Assisting Military To End Insurgency

civilian_jtfMembers of the Civilian Joint Task Force, JTF, in Borno, have vowed to support the military to end terrorism and bring back peace to the state.

Two members of the youth vigilante group made the promise on Sunday in Maiduguri in separate interview.

Abubakar Mamuda, the chairman of the group in Gomari-Airport Area of Maiduguri, said they were compelled to join the military to fight the insurgents because Borno was their state.

He said they decided to support the security agencies to ensure Borno is safe for their parents and relations since they had no other place to call their own.

“We are trying to protect our heritage and our state since we have no other place to call our own.

“Nobody forced us, we just volunteered to do it, we started some months ago and people ran away and left us hoping that members of Boko Haram will kill us.

“Members of the group that started the operation were few because the people were scared of Boko Haram; there is a lot of improvement now and we are happy”, he said.

Mr. Mamuda commended the Federal Government for deploying the military to Borno, adding that the group had gained a lot of experience working with the military.

Another member of the Civilian JTF, Hassan Mohammed, said the group was doing the job because it desires that peace returns to Borno.

“We want peace to return to Borno as our parents, brothers and sisters live here in Maiduguri and we are not happy as we were being killed unjustly.

“So, we decided to assist the security agencies to curb the security challenges”, he said.

Mr. Mohammed said the group was satisfied with the conduct of the military and the support the military was giving to members of the group.




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