Crazy Landlord Locked Tenant Inside House Becuase…


Firefighters were forced to free a dominatrix after she woke to find herself trapped in a boarded up building.

The woman – who called herself Lady Santana – says she has no idea who sealed up the premises where she had been sleeping with two wooden boards, or why.

She had moved to the building in Hull from London on Thursday, but woke to find herself stuck yesterday.


Humberside Fire and Rescue Service had to be called to remove the two boards from the doorway and and lead Lady Santana to safety.

Lady Santana said: “I have been a dominatrix for 15 years in London and I have never had an experience like this.

“I feel absolutely distraught. No one should be treated like this.

“I was asleep when they came round and boarded it up.

“I don’t know how something like this can happen.

“We need to know who exactly is responsible and take it from there

“What has happened to me is legally and morally wrong.”

The  building has allegedly been used as a massage parlour, and was being run by a woman who calls herself Roxy

Roxy told the Hull Daily Mail she had been served with a 14-day eviction notice on Thursday by the landlord

She said: “The landlord has keys to the property, so why wasn’t it checked first to make sure no one was in

“This put Lady Santana in a very dangerous situation

“I dread to think what would have happened had there been a fire or medical emergency.

An investigation has been launched into whether an illegal massage parlour has been operating at the premise

Roxy said: “We have been opened for three and a half weeks and have had no complaints.”

Humberside Police said they had been made aware of reports about the alleged massage parlour.



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