Disturbing video of drunk policeman assaulting 2 women in Lagos


A drunk police officer with the Mopol 20 in Lagos identified as Tafa Mohammed was filmed brutalizing 2 women at Lewis Street, Lafiaji, Obalende, Lagos Island, after one of the ladies, a street food vendor, refused to sell him fish to finish up his beer.

According to Sahara Reporters, the food seller was said to have declined to sell fish alone, except to those buying food with it, a vendor policy that angered the policeman. The policeman, who was reeking of alcohol according to eye witnesses, then targeted a female customer who was buying food from the same vendor and pulled the women into muddy water where he physically assaulted her.

Mohammed is then seen drawing his gun and pointing it at one of the women and was actually backed-up with the presence of another mopol. The torture reportedly caused internal injuries for the victim.

See video >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFUxdhQ5cdk


  1. Plsease I G to the rescue. Arise oh compatriots, Nigeria calls pls lets obey. Speak out against female brutality by the force.


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