El-Rufai Shares Picture Of Jonathan Dancing With Lady During PDP Rally

President Goodluck Jonathan has been getting a lot of criticism from politicians and Nigerians for partaking in celebrations amidst unrest in the country.


It will be recalled that the President attended a PPD rally in kano just a day after the Nyanya attack which claimed the lives of scores of Nigerians in Abuja.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the terrorist group Boko haram also carried out an attack on the day of the rally, abducting 100 female students from a secondary school in Borno.

Contributing to the long list of politicians who have condemned President Jonathan’s actions, former FCT minister, Nasir El Rufai, has shared a picture online, which showed the President dancing and celebrating in Kano on the day of school girls’ abduction.

El Rufai eve took his time out to circle GEJ dancing against a woman during the rally.

Check out the photo below;


  1. Well, sometimes it beats my imagination as to why Elrufai in his standing would choose to be so responsive to every all and sundry just to score some cheap political points. I believe we all must not belong to or have a single political party and that in my opinion is the beauty of democracy,not mud slinging and frivolity. but ideologies that are people driven should be the bane of any progressive, in which case Elrufai is on the verge of almost trading and bringing every thing deserving of a statesman to a disrepute, he must refrain from this careless act of shame if he wants to be taken serious.

  2. El-Rufai should go and sit down! We still awaits APC’s manifesto, because for now their only agenda is Jonathan and PDP. Once GEJ breaths the criticise, he drinks water, they will shout. El-Rufai and his cohorts represents nothing meaningful.

  3. @emmanuel, actually ur right.Whatever GEJ does we comment and that’s because he’s the GCFR of this country…favoring anyone won’t make your next generation happy, we’re just saying what we see everyday…isn’t it obvious that the president has no plan for us? Tell me just one thing he had done since 28 months.I mean no offense but we have to actually stand up for what is right and not ur sentiments. El rufai is showing you that ur president doesn’t care you live or die, that’s what being a leader is all abt “care for the masses.

  4. El rufai is idle minded n jobless, he’s been ranting like wounded lion after being relieved of his job as FCT corrupt minister

  5. Aeroplane,or elrufia make he no d mak useless point.na u knw wetn d hapn 2 nigeria if na 2 c d president dance nd u viewing his manhood nd ladies ass touch 2gether.old fool!


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