English-speaking Gunmen Kill 210 In Borno

The Senator representing Borno Central in the Senate, Zannah Ahmed has lamented over the early Friday attacks on four towns in Borno State by Boko Haram insurgents where he claimed that 210 people were killed.

Ahmed claimed that the attackers were all dressed in military uniform and spoke English language which was a departure from the Hausa and Kanuri language spoken by the Boko Haram insurgents.

The senator even lamented that the military post in Gamboru when it received a distress call from the people of Kala Balge avoided the town, claiming that it was not under its area of command.

He said he was compelled to speak out because his people were being killed on a daily basis and felt obliged to raise his voice, stressing that what was happening in Borno was beyond understanding.

“It is a must for me to speak since peoples’ lives are involved and they are my people. All these are happening in my constituency and it will be wrong to keep quiet. I feel so much pained and would have not love to speak but definitely my conscience will not let me do that”, he lamented.

According to him, 210 people were slaughtered by the marauders who dressed in military uniform and attacked the towns in two armoured personnel cars and seven double cabin pickups.

He said they attacked a Teachers College in Dikwa and killed seven people, burnt down the school library and administrative block.

He claimed that Kala Balge was the worst hit, where 60 people were killed by the armed men who went on rampage killing everything in sight.

He said after they left Kala Balge, they went berserk and attacked three other towns in the area where a total of 150 persons were killed.


  1. It has gone beyond immagination! Nigerian needs to protest on our leader treated cos if their children were in victim they would have something to do it!!

  2. Pls let them pay 4 it,may their soul rest in peace,buku haram think the can do something,let them decley a state of haneky.

  3. He said they speak English but didn’t tell us how he managed to know how well they spoke the English, could it be that he know them some how? I mean this is really funny he say the speak good English. I suppose if gun men should attack any place the people there would be on the run for any attempt u made trying to know them will be suicide not to talk of interviewing them and knowing what language the speak. The question is, Who are those gun men?

  4. Its been very terrible to be hearing all this killed killed, dead dead. It really make me sick. And I had been praying for God to let his light shine so that this darkness that has been claiming the life of people will vanish. At thesame time let us know that those who are using this evil now to execute the hidden motive agenda God is watching you. Remember, every untrue statement is one of the terrorists that has also seized this country by those that should be trusted with whole life. To answer your question @Truth, They said they are English-speaking language. But they fail to ask them why they doing all this, since they were able to interact with them and knew their communicating language

  5. Senator Zannah Ahmed is a joker. If he loves his people as he claims, why hasn’t he been on ground in Borno to know the true situation of things instead of sitting in an airconditioned office in Abuja and giving arm chair intelligence reports which are always far from the actual reality on ground? If he actually knows his area, he will know that the supposed attack never took place in Kala Balge but rather in Amchaka which is in Bama local govt area. He should learn not to be so quick to criticize the actions or supposed inaction of soldiers when when himself has done nothing to better the lot of his people other than make noise on the pages of newspapers.

  6. Nigeria re talkn of boko haram every day hmmmm na wa for dis countryooooo. Even my common local government Abua/odual is also hav dia own cultist haram, dat dey hav kild more dan 50 people as from dec 2013 to april dis year.So its a pity for we common men in dis country.

  7. 9ja re talkn of boko haram evry day hmm na wa for dis contryooo. Evn my comon local govrnmnt Abua/odual is also hav dia own cultist haram, dat dey hav kild more dan 50 pple as 4rm dec 2013 to april dis yr.So its a pity 4 we comon men in dis contry.May God help 9ja


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