Euro 2020 Final Between Wembley, Allianz Arena

The European football’s governing body announces it will choose between Wembley and the Allianz Arena as venue for the final and both semi-finals of Euro 2020 on 19 September.

The tournament will be hosted across 13 European cities.

Turkey’s withdrawal to focus on their bid to be sole hosts of Euro 2024, means only England and Germany are in the race for the semi-finals and final.

The Football Association (FA) has as well put London forward for three group stages matches and a match from the second round or the last-8.

Munich's ALlianz Arena Among the Bids for the Hosting of Euro 2020 Final.
Munich’s ALlianz Arena Among the Bids for the Hosting of Euro 2020 Final.

Wales and Scotland have bid for matches in Cardiff and Glasgow respectively.

Meanwhile the likelihood for a four winning bids from the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, which also submitted a bid on Friday, is a major doubt at the moment.

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Macedonia and Israel are among the candidate nations yet to host a major tournament.

A number of the 32 countries who initially registered an interest have dropped out of the running, including Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic.


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