Five Employees Of National Assembly Almost Died In Faulty Elevator

Five employees of the National Assembly were trapped inside of elevator for an hour which stuck between the floors. The occupants may have died from oxygen deficiency.

The technicians who were deployed to handle the situation resorted the elevator located at the House of Representatives wing (old section) of the legislative complex were lowered to the ground floor and only then the doors were forcibly opened.

It was gathered that the trapped people created a small opening to let some oxygen to breath. When scores of people helplessly gathered around the faulty elevator praying and shouting.

According to the witnesses, it’s not for the first time when people’s lives were on stake because of faulty elevators in the National Assembly. Though, for the past three years, the National Assembly budget allocation has been in the region of N150 billion.

The rescued victims were identified as Femi (House Committee on Capital market), Irene (House Committee on Diaspora), Fatai, Aduragba and Muhammed.

“Since lawmakers stopped using these elevators, all forms of maintenance stopped. This is not fair. Are staff of the National Assembly not human beings?” one of the witnesses lamented.

The faulty elevator leads to office suites formerly allocated to House members. It is presently occupied by management staff of the National Assembly. The old section was built in 1998 by construction giants, Arab Contractors.


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