For Guys – Top Signs You Have Been Friend-Zoned

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friend-zone If you have been reading or surfing the Internet, and are a hot-blooded male you must have heard of the term ‘friend zone’. Many guys have also made jokes that once you get into this dreaded zone, you will never be able to break out of it and get the girl to become your girlfriend. These are top  signs which indicate that you have gotten yourself into the friend zone. However, even if you identify with one or more of the following, do not despair. There is still a way out for you; If you have heard any of the following phrases, you are probably friend-zoned. The girl you have in mind keeps telling you about the other guys she has in her life. When you have reached the point where she is comfortable to talk to you about guys she likes, you have to understand that is only because in her mind, you will never be one of those guys. This simply means that she is emotionally attached to the other guys, but she only sees you as a person to tell her problems to.

“You are a really awesome guy; the problem is just that I am not physically attracted to you.” Being with a girl you have true feelings for and even physically attracted to and being thrown this line really hurts. It may seem like it is the end and that there is no chance of getting that girl, but continue reading on first.

“I think it will be better for us if we remain just as friends.” This is straightforward and its meaning is clear. The next three lines are more ambiguous sounding at first glance.

The first popular line is “I do not want to risk losing you as a good friend.”This means that she sees you only as a friend and she wants to keep it that way. In other words, she is feeling comfortable having you just being her pure platonic friend.

Next will be “you are my best friend!” This line may even sound good to you on first impression, but if you ever get this line from the girl you like, you should understand that girls will never date their best friends. Third is one of the most ambiguous sounding lines, and that is “let us try being good friends first and see where that leads to.” Do not get your hopes too high on this one because, unfortunately, chances are that nothing is going to happen although it sounds like it. Even if you have identified yourself as being in the friend zone, you should understand that breaking out of friend zone is actually still possible. It is not going to be easy, and requires some work and patience with lots of determination.



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