Ghanaian Priest Would Ask Pope Fracis To Call T. B. Joshua To Order

Ghana –  Popular Ghanaian fetish priest intends to ask Pope Francis to “take action” against Nigerian prophet T. B. Joshua.


Priest Nana Kwaku Bonsam is set to leave for Italy on Friday, April 18, and hopes to meet the most powerful Christian leader to discuss some spiritual issues, T. B. Joshua’s conduct included.

According to the Ghanaian priest, Prophet T. B. Joshua’s prophecies are misleading, as he is not a true man of God and uses “tricks”, having his editors fabricating stuff and posting it to the Internet and demonstrating on his TV station.

T. B. Joshua’s “acting like Christ” also bothers the Ghanaian priest despite of lacking “spiritual powers”.

Bonsam has even indicated that it was T. B. Joshua who killed the President of the Republic of Ghana, Professor John Evans Atta Mills.

He advised pastors and prophets to stop prophesying lies to their followers.

Source: Ghana Web


  1. God will help us bcos we don’t know who is who in d ministerial work. Only God knows His true minister. Pls let’s not condemn any man of God not to sin against d Holy spirit. God bless u.

  2. If u read the word f God vry well, u wil kwn dat christ is aware f evry thing. “if they r nt 4 me they are against me”. Let God decides jux pray nt 2 fall in d wrong hands.

  3. Lolssss… Devil sef… See jealousy nah. Looking at the very priest nana alone, is enough to make you laugh and you would know theres no seriousness in him at all. Ghana-must-go

  4. Nana ur brain is as stupid as ur facial look. Has d devil sent u 2? Go tel dat ur master in heal dat his typ 10x cant cotend d power of God . So stop wastn ur time satan has bn defitd many times nd is 4ever. Ur words cant remove evn a hair from Tb joshua. So go nd mind ur devlish biz

  5. Let the priest go ahead for there is iota of truth in his stance. It is not today seasoned servants of God warned against TBJ. For instance, TBJ has no definite day he got born again, no one disciple him. I bet u, these are hall mark of a Christian. Be as it may, many a ‘christian’ here don’t know who is who in the Kingdom of God.

    • Who tutored John the baptist and when was he born again. Don’t be deceived, If Tb Joshua is not from God then Let He who claims that He is of God go and deliver him if not shut up and let Prophet TB Joshua spread the light of God all over the world. Darkness can not defeat light or is the contrary the order of the day?. Jealously and and hatred is clear even if Jesus Christ comes down today many will still find reasons to condem What you see and hear must be examined in the light of God’s word because every one lies to his neighbour. Don’t come to a hasty conclusion. With what TB Joshua is doing to peoples lives. If the saying by their fruit you shall know them is true then surely surely TB Joshua shall never miss haven. TB Joshua is doing what the Bible says with comprehensive faith in the blood of Jesus you can move mountains and can even raise the dead. He emulate the true works of Jesus. T B Joshua may God continue to keep you for this generation and may you live long. Amen


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