GIST: Obesere Finally Absolved Of Rape Allegation


Investigations are not over, but Fuji superstar, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere has been freed of the rape allegation levelled against him by one Miss Olanike Olaiya.

Speaking with pressmen, the Lagos State Police Command Spokesperson, Mrs Ngozi Braide, said “As far as we’re concerned, and based on the investigations carried out so far on the matter, most of the allegations by Obesere’s accuser, Olanike Olaiya were fabricated.

Although, they both admitted having canal knowledge of each other, there was absolutely nothing to show that Nike was raped as she claimed. It was a frame -up because the lady has refused to honor police invitation.

And the doctor’s report available to us has shown that she was not raped. We’re made to understand that this lady on her own went to Obesere’s house in search of Obesere, and that she spent the night there. She was there cooking and everybody in the house ate.

People in that house have equally made statements. I think there was a mutual relationship between the two of them. But investigation is still in progress. Police would not rest until we get to the root of the matter and we will make the outcome known to the public.” She said

Speaking his mind to the latest development, Obesere said “I thank God I have been vindicated by the outcome of the investigations so far conducted by the police. What’s next is to enter the studio for my next album. I thank God that people have identified with me so far. I am very sure the police will soon get to the root of the matter.”

It is to be noted that Obesere had earlier released a VCD about the rape allegations which has been doing well in the market.

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