Heartbreaking Confessions Of A Person Who Survived Ebola In Guinea

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Heartbreaking confessions of a person who survived Ebola in Guinea. “9 of my relatives got infected with Ebola, only 3 lived.” According to latest news of World Health Organisation, there are 208 people who officialy have been confirmed as infected with Ebola, 136 of them have died.

Ebola virus

Ebola is one of the deadliest viruses of all, killing up to 90% of people who get infected.
One of the survivors revealed his ordeal to the BBC news.

The first symptoms he felt were headache, back pain, vomiting and diarrhea. He came to see a village doctor, who said it was malaria. After that he was brought to Conakry to a special hostpital unit, there he found out that he had Ebola virus.

He had heard about Ebola before, and felt very scared when he found out he had it.

Still, he tried to remain positive and think that it was not the end yet as his time was not then. That was the spirit that helped him overcome fear and pain.

MSF doctors were there to help him with his emotional state even at the hardest moments when he saw his family members die.

When he saw two of his uncles die and doctors taking their bodies, he felt really scared and thought he would not make it to the morning. The doctors collected their bodies and sterilized the whole area and all the other patients witnessed that.

In short period of time he started feeling better, and while being afraid to take any food started drinking water and realized that some of the symptoms started disappearing.

Every day doctors came and asked questions on the state of patients, and those who answered no to all the symptoms had very high chances of surviving.

“That was a very powerful feeling for me. It was a great feeling when I walked out of the hospital. We had a little celebration with the doctors, all the nurses and the people who had been waiting for me.”

As many people are aware that he had the disease, they are still afraid that he would be contagious. That is the reason why the hero of this story decided to remain anonymous. According to him, people in Guinea are very poorly informed about the disease.

Out of 9 people who got sick in his family, the ones that survived were his wife, his cousin and him.

“The short time we spent in hospital has really transformed us. I feel lucky. I feel very happy to be alive.”

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