Help I Don’t Love My Husband, I Would Like To Cheat On Him [Advice Needed]

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Trapped in a loveless marriage, she wants to have some freedom by entering a relationship with another man. However, there are so many obstacles…


I don’t love my husband. I was forced to marry him when I was 16 because he impregnated me with our first child. Generally, he’s a nice guy, but he would have never become my husband if I had a choice.

We have two sons together, and I think my husband and I have had sex on those two nights only.

I’m in my thirties now. Some time ago, I got to know another man, we really connected. I think I’m falling in love, and the feeling is mutual.

I’m not happy and bored with my husband, but our families have just started to forgive us for making “accidental” baby at a very young age. I don’t think they’ll accept my divorcing from my husband. The only things stopping me from having an affair is our children. Is there a solution? Should I continue to suffer my blank existence, or go ahead?


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  2. Why are you still want to go away after almost sixteen year ago with two kids don’t be grace my advice to you is to stick to you husband just try to love your husband why can’t you go away from this man after first child or after one or two year if you know that you don’t love this man but now you want to go away from this man because you see another rich man

  3. Please go give ur pussy to whoever u feel like it’s d@ pussy d@’ll suffer it. If u cn’t divorce him dn’t cheat on him. D devil u kn is beta dan an unknown angel sister b wize!!!!

  4. There’s solution to ur problem. Jesus Christ is the solution to that ur problem. Invite Him into ur life and He’ll give u peace and love to love ur husband. That man u see outside there, is a destroyer. Run away from him and cleave to ur husband. May the Lord help u.

  5. When would some young Nigerians stop using barbaric tricks to cheat their fellow Nigerians? Just imagine asking people to text d pin on their recharge card plus d tricky code they provided and send it to another tricky number they as well provided and get 2x of what they recharge not knowing that d recharge card is directly going to someone’s phone they immediately load it because d number they provided was their own number while u are expecting to get 2x of what u recharged. May God almighty forgive u and change their heart.

  6. To the so called confused girl better retrace ur step and stick to ur husband 16 years after u no longer love him cos there is a demon waiting to waste u by the side Run frm that man by d side A word for the wise

  7. My dear sister you are heading to destruction your life will destroy if let that stranger guy into your life forget wealth and sweet Words focus in your. Marriage allow God to bless you both pls a word iS enough for the wise,B wise

  8. Woman, that things or love dat make u 2open ur two legs and allowed ur Husband 2ride on u at the first time! still allow it or revisit the things or the love and forge ahead.dat all,just endure it and pray 2GOD 2HELP U.


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