Help! My Husband Hasn’t Slept With Me Since We Got Married [Advice Needed]

My husband and I were raised in conservative religious families. It was natural for us that we had to wait until after marriage to consummate our relationship. To be honest, we never even kissed or talked about sex while going out.


Four months into our married life, I’m still a virgin. We get along greatly, but I love my man and would very much like to go “all the way”. But every time I show initiative, he won’t even allow me to take off my underwear. All we do is engage in petting and some sort of foreplay, and sometimes he asks me to satisfy him orally.

I’ve tried talking to him about this, as we’re both grown-ups and in a loving (oh, I hope so!) relationship, we shouldn’t be ashamed of discussing such things.

Nothing works.

I think about it a lot. Actually, I’ve started wondering if he is suppressing some homosexual urges and married me as a “cover”. But he was so caring and sweet when we dated. What may be wrong with him? Am I too pressing? Can I do anything about this?


  1. It has a simple remedy, the moment he enters into the house just lockup the apartment and get naked as in ur birth suit, move about and serve him all he needs and make sure u sleeps naked where he must be seeing u any time he wokes up at night or are u not his wife. if he orders u to get dressed tell him u will after he have filled u in and that if he insists that u will tell his dad or mum about it, and dont get dressed even if he threatens to beat u.

  2. Is a pathetic issue,bt nt a difficult issue,like wat someone have already said or in addition to it,when he reback in d evening take him for shower both of you,during the shower play wit his organ rob ur body over his sexual organ.
    Then let see wat hapen,according to u bcos u said u ar still a virgin pls get close to urself petrolem jelly for quick penetration.

  3. My sister, its a vry dificult isue. As u hv said, u are married to him and nt in date. I think u should examin him vry well. During ur plays check if his organ do erect.Four whole months! Check him vry well, he might be undergoing sm secret execise which u dont know which he must hv being hiding 4rm u. See nting to talk to him about. Besides is wrong to engage in an oral sex with a man u called ur husband. Report this to ur sponsors and even to u parents. Dont die silently.If it doesn’t work depart 4rm him. This calls fr action not prayer.