High School Closed Due To ‘Onslaught Of Snakes’


Ssssssssschool’ssssssss closssssssed, kidssssss.

Classes at a high school in southern Kyrgyzstan were suspended Tuesday due to an“onslaught of snakes,” a school spokesman told Russian news agency Interfax.

The spokesman said that since the beginning of spring, as many as 30 snakes have been sighted every day in the 144-student facility. When public health officials were unable to rid the building of the reptiles, the Emergency Situations Ministry made the call to suspend classes.

Interfax didn’t specify the kind of snakes involved, but Gawker helpfully tracked down a website titled “Wildlife of Kyrgyzstan,” which lists the dozen or so varieties found in the region.

Kyrgyzstan schools aren’t the place ophidiophobes may fear, though. In 2011, a school in California closed because of a rattlesnake infestation, according to CBS.

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