I Feel Terribly Hurt When Fulani Herdsmen Are Labelled Terrorists – Gov. Lamido

07102-Alhaji-Sule-LamidoGovernor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State has described as unfair, the recourse to tagging Fulani as insurgents in Nigeria, saying that the allegation that the herdsmen were responsible for some terrorist attacks in the country was incredulous.

Rather, the governor, himself a Fulani, was of the opinion that there were persons bent on breaking the strong relationship built over the years between the Fulani and other tribes, especially the Tivs, for political advantage.

Lamido, who made this known in an exclusive interview with Daily Sun in Dutse, the Jigawa State capital, revealed a deep sense of hurt at the treatment being meted to his kinsmen, who he said owe the Nigerian government nothing, since they hardly benefit from public medical service and other social amenities.

He stressed that the Fulani tribe must be cared for and showed love, to make them feel being part and parcel of the country.

According to him: “You see, I feel deeply hurt. The whole thing is very unfortunate. The story of a Fulani is like that of nature. Here is somebody, who doesn’t patronise your school, he doesn’t benefit from scholarship, he does not benefit from medical facilities. I mean, he doesn’t enjoy anything from you; nature is his own companion, nature is his own security, nature is something that cleanses his soul.

“Today, they are being called terrorists and killed. Earlier today (Friday), I heard that 30 fulani have been killed in Nasarawa State. I am Fulani and I have feelings that my tribe is not wanted in Nigeria. If the trend continues, I might likely lose face in my country.

“These people live in the forest, whether in Plateau or in Nasarawa. They only bring their milk to sell and their meat. In the end, they buy grains from the farmers, because they are not farmers. So, they are a very strong pillar of Nigeria’s economy.

“Now, these ordinary simple men are being labelled terrorists and are being criminalised. So, I feel terribly hurt and feel a pain in my heart. If this is what the Fulani men are getting, then it is most unfortunate.

“Of course, there are traditional crises between Fulani herdsmen and farmers. Even in Jigawa here, we do have them, but this is a simple thing which they can control. But the sudden speed of labelling them terrorists is what is making me feel very sad”.


  1. Mr Governor, y must u feel bad? Do u expect dem 2 kill farmers on daily bases & ova powa villages 1st b4 u know dat dey ar terrorist? B carefu o. It is beta 2 mak a hay wen d sun shine. If dey dnt want peace in dis country, unlike boko boys, dey shud start locating der root 2 were dey came frm. I dnt giv shat

  2. mr govt. the fulanis hav d same vision wt u inclusive. u beta look 4 ur root not other people land. They trouble people everywhere nd we see it.

  3. The Fulanis are being profiled for genocide. That is why they are labelled terrorist. How else can you explain that they have coexisted in Nigeria for centuries without fights and the fighters labelled Fulani herdsmen are now carrying sophisticated weapons backed with helicopters? Let us pause and think. We all need peaceful Nigeria not full of ethnic wars. Let us try to build this peace for our own sake.

  4. Mr governor sir, I would want you to understand that 90% of the crisis today are caused by your brother the fulanis your people are fund of taking laws into their hand even as visitor in a foreign land. your people kill but children women yet Mr governor sir, you see nothing wrong about it why why???????

  5. There is no bed feeling from you when Fulani were killing people but you feel bad now when they are killed. Thesame fulani attack in plateau started since 2011 where a senator was killed you did comment all this why and no fulani has come out and said is not us even when the state wanted to dislogged them from Riyom local govt the top fulani cacus fought the state and won and the killing of innocent pple in plateau continue.I want to refer you to STV new where the news men when to Riyom in 2012 for news comment we saw from the camera how fulani people were shooting in the day which makes every body including village and STV crew to run for their liF.you didn’t make any comment then but now you are condeming their killing please let who ever that is doing bad thing be dealt with without any bias.

  6. Let’s agree they are not terrorists but simple minded herdsmen. How does the governor defend the fulani’s encroachment and damage of peoples’ cross worse still the raping of women and maiming or killings of farmers on their farms. The governor and his supporters are now concerned. Did the governor visit these farmers or cautioned the fulani nation.

  7. This governor’s an idiot! After seeing the damage his people have done, he still has the mouth to speak, I pray they go into extinction and him to should get killed!


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